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The Right Way To Make Her Squirt

The Right Way To Make Her Squirt

Here’s a letter from an Insider Club member with two questions about his squirting sessions with his girlfriend:

“My girlfriend has experienced some pain after getting very close to ejaculating and I’m wondering if this is common and if there is a way to avoid it.”

Although I would not classify this as a common experience, it can certainly happen if a lot of pressure builds up in the G-spot due to engorgement and ejaculate but is not released.  Perhaps this could even be the male equivalent of “Blue Balls?” I suggest she consult a doctor of she is experiencing pain that is severe or does not cease after an hour or so. If it is mild discomfort however, I would recommend urinating to relieve some of the pressure and perhaps easing up on the pressure being used to stimulate the G-spot. Once she is able to learn how to release the ejaculate, she will relieve herself of the potential discomfort.  Since this is not necessarily a common experience, this will not happen every time she is close to ejaculating but doesn’t. One of the key teachings in Female Liquid Orgasm is how to release the ejaculate. I suggest you try the program as you are driving without a map right now and it’s obviously causing issues. Since you two are both interested in squirting, get yourself the best training you can with my online program.


What do you recommend as far as getting the right timing of taking my fingers out of her when she starts to bear down in order to get her to ejaculate? Do I need to take my fingers out at all?”

I definitely recommend taking your fingers out of her pussy when you feel her bearing down.  Otherwise you can block her urethral opening and even prevent her from ejaculating at all.  Sometimes the act of taking your fingers out while applying pressure to the G-spot on the way out can trigger an ejaculation.  Do not take your fingers out completely though.  Stay close at hand so to speak because she’ll most likely want your finger(s) back inside of her immediately after orgasm or ejaculating.

I recommend experimenting with this because the timing can vary depending how close she is to ejaculating.  Sometimes when you feel her pushing your fingers out, you can experiment with taking your fingers out and vigorously rubbing the opening of her vaginal canal including her urethra in order to help trigger the ejaculate to flow or squirt out. Some women enjoy when you pull your fingers out and tap on her urethra in addition to vigorous rubbing.  Some women can ejaculate just fine with fingers inside, so this is something to experiment with to find out what works. Having good communication with her or a signal she can give when she wants you to take your fingers out will also be helpful.

There is a LOT of misinformation about squirting orgasms.

What is the fluid? Where does it come from? Can any woman squirt?

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