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How To Make Her Want Sex

How To Make Her Want Sex

“In the beginning, she wanted him for sex. Not anymore.” 

If you’ll take my hand, I’ll show you exactly what to do to get your woman to match your sexual desire for you as much as you crave her warm, enveloping softness — even without talking about it! 

First, let’s talk about just about how a lot of men in long-term relationships are CRAVING sex but aren’t getting any. If you can somehow relate (or if you feel this is coming soon), read on… 

“Missionary position again? We did that last month.” 

Robert obsessed over that so-called “joke” his buddy made at lunch, as his hands clenched the steering wheel. “That hit way too close to home,” he thought.

“Crap! What happened to my sex life?”

Every year it was getting worse. Ann had stopped initiating entirely.

Sex felt robotic… a disgusting combination of disappointment and frustration on the rare occasion they actually got intimate.

“A blow-up doll would show more interest,” he grumbled to himself.

“What is wrong with her!”

It wasn’t for lack of trying. He’d been the dutiful husband, helping with chores, taking her out on date nights, the requisite flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

He did what he thought you were supposed to do to keep the romance burning.

Pshhhh… That was the sound of their last sexual spark extinguished by her lack of interest.

In the beginning, she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

There was an intense passion, variety, spiciness.

He believed they had great sexual chemistry.


Now, he offered her sex as much as he felt he could get away with, without pissing her off. 

Every once in awhile, she’d take his offer. “Well, I guess you could call it to submit, he thought.” 

Does the lack of intimacy make you feel disconnected from the world? Do you feel Robert’s pain? Do you crave sex but you’re not getting any? 

Is this involuntary celibacy tainting YOUR whole life with a sense of abandonment that makes you feel less alive?

Not your fault. Neither is it hers. You just didn’t know about this. 

Raindrop Seduction Method ⇐ Get Your Woman To Happily Want Sex With You Every Time You Want 


Every man deserves an engaged, adventurous woman who matches him sexually. Every woman deserves to be continually opened, awakened into her ever-evolving sensual self, by her man. 

Sex is sacred. It’s the genesis of life. It represents harmony. It’s the pure expression of love.

You are this horny because sex is one of man’s most powerful instincts. 

Your sexuality is an expression of your humanity, man. You cannot thrive without touch, without intimacy, without love. 

Nor can she. This woman to whom you’ve committed yourself. The woman who is in your care. 

Don’t look back 20 years from now and know that you squandered one of the two primary drives all humans have. And don’t let your woman fritter away her potential either. 

You’re in this together. 

Trust me. The first thing you want to have a crack at is a turn-around on the woman you have now. Remember, you chose her for some darn good reasons. 

This is yours to win. And here’s how to win it. 

Raindrop Seduction Method ⇐ Get Your Woman To Happily Want Sex With You Every Time You Want 

Have you heard about “Love Chemicals?” 

You know how powerful hormones are, right? (Yeh, when she gets bitchy, that’s probably just those chemicals fluctuating in her body…) 

Turns out that “7-Year Itch” is actually more like a “4-Year Itch. 

According to Susan Kuchinskas, a Slow Sex Coach and author of The Chemistry of Connection, while the love and bonding chemicals in your brain continue to increase as you stay together, the sexy excitement chemicals quickly begin to wane. 

Modern love and sex still operate with brain circuits that evolved back when we first came down from the trees to walk upright. 

In order to keep us propagating, Nature had to make sure men and women would seek each other out and have sex — lots of sex. So the brains of unmated men and women were seething with testosterone, the chemical of lust and sexual attraction, as well as dopamine, the pleasure chemical that causes us to stay focused on getting a reward. 

These sexy brain chemicals create that intoxicating state of infatuation and romantic love. 

They’re helped along by norepinephrine, the brain’s natural speed, which helps all that lust stay focused on one potential mate. 

But evolution has played a dirty trick on modern men and women. Those sex and excitement chemicals naturally start to wane two to four years into a relationship. 

Kuchinskas explains:

“Think about life in prehistoric times: no hospitals, no medicine, no supermarkets. Being pregnant was a full-time job for a woman. She needed to stay undercover while her man went out to hunt, and she relied on his protection at all times. And nine months of increasing immobility was followed by years of nursing and caring for helpless offspring. She had to focus all her attention and energy on her children, not on having sex with her mate. Moreover, the less sex she had, the fewer pregnancies she would endure, saving her strength. All this helped this couple and their children survive — but it’s the kiss of death to your sex life today.”

It’s no surprise that American divorce peaks correspond with this four-year slump. How unfair is it that when your child is toddling around, your woman’s love chemicals are drying up for you? 

No wonder modern men like you are struggling to find new ways to express these age-old drives in service of today’s woman.

One of the most powerful ways to make your sex life catch fire is to harness your own brain chemistry to take charge of creating the sex life you want. 

Do it starting tonight with THIS. 

Raindrop Seduction Method ⇐ Get Your Woman To Happily Want Sex With You Every Time You Want 

You must know: It’s completely natural and healthy for a man’s ego to want his woman to have increased pleasure and more erotic adventures for her whole life. It’s an expression of your own “caveman” impulses.

You’re not ready to give up, are you? The honeymoon period DOES NOT have to be over.

It’s a relief to know it’s not you. And it’s not her. It’s biology. Her lack of sex drive is reversible! 

But the longer you wait to intervene, the deeper the negative groove sets in. 

You can overcome this “chemical castration” that’s sucking the life out of you by using positive psychology. 

Female psychology. 

Not the guy-minded stuff you’ve been trying that clearly isn’t working. 

Begging, bargaining for sex, honey-do’s — they are no match for the power of Dopamine, Seratonin, Norepinephrine, Estrogen, Testosterone… 

Her hormones are kicking your butt! 

Fight fire with fire? Not this time. 

When you’re trying to seduce a woman, you don’t want to burn her. You want to make her wet and slippery. 

That’s Where The Raindrop Seduction Method Comes In ⇐ Get Your Woman To Happily Want Sex With You Every Time You Want 


  1. With all the misques taking place, could you give me one small,foolproof piece of fact that will prove the authentisity of your claim.

    • Hi Canute – We’ve helped tens of thousands of men. These techniques work for most men and most situations and usually guys see very good results within just a few days. But each situation is different so there’s no 100% certainty that these techniques will work for every guy, every time, with every women, in every situation.

      However… there is one thing that is 100% guaranteed. YOUR SATISFACTION! If you buy any of our products and you are unhappy for any reason, you can have a refund. We believe in our courses and stand behind them 100%. How is that for authenticity?

  2. I love to fuck teach me how to make her beg me fuck her

  3. My wife is going through perimenapause and her sex drive and libido is practically non-existent . We used to have sex almost every day and she give me blow jobs all the time. Now we might have sex 2 times a week and it’s mostly with her not in the mold and a blow job maybe once every other there anything I can do to turn this around? So we can have the love desire for each other and where she will be desperately waiting for to walk through the door her clothes off and fuck her hard? This is the way things used to be, Please help.

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