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How To Awaken Your Wife’s Sexual Interest

Here’s a question from an Insider’s Club member that you might relate to:

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I have your Expand Her Orgasm Tonight among other packages and was trying to engage my wife in vestibular bulbs massage and she said, “What are you doing? Where did you learn this?”

She shutdown and said, “I’m done.”

This was pretty sad as I was trying to introduce this to heighten her experience and interest.

Was told it didn’t do anything and she closed up.

I don’t know where to go from here except to back to her limited preferences. . . which are not very fulfilling?”


Dear Mark,

I can imagine how at a loss you must feel. But it’s really just an excellent first step. A lot of good has just happened here and you can easily take another step forward leading your wife to her sexual awakening immediately.

Here’s what I recommend you do next to open her.

First, let’s look at the good things you’ve already made happen:

1) You tried a new technique and your wife got a taste of some variety (vital to keep her interest)

2) Your wife is aware that you are learning new techniques to pleasure her.

3) She is a good communicator in bed. Willing to hold her boundaries. So you will be able to know where you stand.
(especially when it’s improving!)

Now we can’t read her mind, but here are some likely scenarios you can leverage to move her toward more pleasure.
(seduce her)
At a neutral time, in the car perhaps, and as soon as possible apologize to her for springing a new move on her without letting her know it was coming.

Explain that you have been learning about heart-connected passionate lovemaking because it fulfills you as a man to pleasure her intimately.
(these are good words to use with women)
Tell her that you’ve been learning anatomy so that you can touch and stroke her in even more pleasurable places.

Let her know those plump pillows are part of her clitoral system and when played with, they spring up and feel really good.

Ask her if it was the WAY you touched her, WHERE you touched her or the surprise of it that made her pull away.

Then just say, “Thank you.”

And change the subject.

A little “catch and release” will get her wanting you and thinking about her pussy.

That night, offer to give her a sensual massage.

Ask for her permission to explore what touches feel good, what lubes she likes, and to have no goals.

Just fun!

This is a Sandbox Date as described in Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. <=== 3 Free Pleasure Reports On Expanded Orgasm Techniques

While you are massaging her, lead her verbally through what you’re doing in a low, soft voice.

As you stroke her describe how beautiful she looks to you.

Tell her what it is about HER specifically that turns you on.

Give her a hug and hold her after you towel the oil off of her.

As you are holding her, let her know you always honor her comfort and boundaries but that you would like her to open up and have a little more play in the bedroom.

Then hold her and tell her you love her.

This ought to crack her heart and legs open a bit and give you some breathing room to see if you can get her engorged.

Your mission is to get her pussy so excited she invites your touch.

This may take a number of sessions. Put the time in to engorging her without TRYING to give her an orgasm and without expecting intercourse.

This will work magically.

If it doesn’t, let me know and we’ll take it from wherever you are .

Remember, the key components, as outlined in Susan’s program, Revive Her Drive, say that you must:

1) help her overcome her resistance issues by understanding what holds her back and removing, working around or fixing it
2) romance her during the day, seduce her with touch and verbally make love to her at night
3) provide masculine sexual leadership
4) escalate her erotic desire by working from small offers for pleasure up to big ones (such as sex)

Good luck!

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