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How To Make Your Dick Look Bigger

How To Make Your Dick Look Bigger

Here are some facts from sex researcher, author, and personal friend Alex Allman’s study of thousands of men (this guy is the real deal and this is actual data from actual guys)…

1) More than half of the men said they have tried pills or exercises to get bigger (but wait! it gets more interesting…)

2) Of these men, nearly 90% say they were ALREADY average or ABOVE AVERAGE

More than half of them said it wasn’t just for women… they were embarrassed to be average in front of other MEN.

(This shame around dick size is a needless result of porn. Sometimes it also results in a lack of sexual confidence with women.)

3) Alex’s additional study from his thousands of FEMALE readers showed that women seemed to already know that men lack confidence around their cocks, and this size issue is now a HUGE concern for them too.

Alex goes into great depth on exactly what they said, and what turns out to be the surprising #1 issue women have around their male partner’s personal endowment.

4) 1 in 3 Women said they have lied to their boyfriend or husband about their satisfaction with his package. It’s interesting how they lie. . .

Bottom line: I believe you’ll find this extremely helpful in that it’s ultimately about what you CAN do with the equipment you have right now.

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How BIG an issue is this? Watch this video for an interesting tour of what thousands of other guys did to try to grow their manhood… some of the stories are CRAZY! But the sound advice you get is priceless.

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