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Watch How Reena And Jordan Enjoy Kama Sutra Positions

Watch How Reena And Jordan Enjoy Kama Sutra Positions

Have you had any good sexual role models in your life?

Perhaps a lover who embraced their sexuality with a zeal that made you feel brave about expressing your own appetite?

A partner who didn’t carry any sexual baggage or shame and inspired your role playing fantasies?

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Have you luxuriated for hours in bed exploring sensual pleasures —everything and anything you wanted to touch, taste or play with —encouraged by your beloved?


Only a few are lucky enough to have experienced this sweetness, ease and approval.

That’s why sexually expressed and beautiful women like Reena and Jordan are a needed breath of fresh air.

These are two of the leading Steamy Sex Ed women who open themselves to you fully on video as they make love with John and Billy.

Reena is a dark-haired delicacy. I love the tawny color of her outer labia as she gets stroked, licked and made love to by Billy.

You can see how turned on she is by how dark her external vaginal skin becomes.

I love the way she throws her head back in pleasure. Being tiny, Billy can put her in all kinds of positions, even upside down while they do 69 style standing oral.

Jordan is a big busted blonde you’d love to touch and feel. The way she looks into John’s eyes as she’s pleasuring him gets me aroused every time I watch.

As she throws her hands back over her head as she lies there in ecstasy, it makes me think of her as a baby, totally surrendered to the moment. Not a care on her mind.

One of my favorite parts of the Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection (also available in digital download) are the interviews with the girls after they film a module.

You really get a sense that many of these techniques they’re showcasing end up being very profound experiences for them too.

Reena talks about an afterglow that affects her long after the scene is shot.

She is touched.

You can imagine these actors coming together thinking they were going to demo sex techniques and then realizing what a heart-connected experience they’ve actually had.

That realization is captured beautifully on film.

That authenticity is one of the reasons these videos are so touching.

The PURE JOY these women have from this experience lifts you up too.

In today’s mad media frenzy, to find touching lovemaking educational films is a rarity and a prize.

I’m so happy that I got to curate these videos for you.

Owning this Collection is like pouring water on parched earth.

Quench your thirst for deep, connected “kama.” Kama is a word that means the blending of sex and love. Beautiful, huh?

If you’ve been craving more loving, physical intimacy. . .

If you want to lose yourselves in Eros. . .

Let Jordan and Reena show you excellent modeling for Kama.


make her want you


Look at Reena’s giant smile!

There are Kama Sutra sex positions for oral and intercourse depicted throughout the Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection.

But you must take action THIS WEEK.

I have 500 units pressed, boxed in a gorgeous clamshell, ready to open like a pearl in an oyster.

We will likely sell out before the Steamy Sex Ed Collection sale is over this Sunday.

If you click on the link you can read all about the Steamy DVD Collection and watch two of the video trailers in addition to my video all about the program.

See For Yourself <=== Yay! See Videos FIRST

This is foreplay done for you.

To Your Date Night Happy Ending 🙂

Important details about the Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection Sale:

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  • Arrives quickly in a plain brown box.
  • Digital versions available.
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  • 30 Day Return Window Guarantees Full Satisfaction.

Don’t lose out by missing this sale. I do not know when we will do another pressing of DVD’s.

Retail is $520 for all 8 DVDs. But this week only you can get the entire collection for less than half that price.

When you order during this sale you can also get “Self Pleasuring” as a digital download bonus.

When you see how differently three women get themselves off you’ll realize a number of new ways to fully satisfy your woman with multiple orgasms.

Our Customer Care Team is standing by at support  answer any questions you may have.


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