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Women’s Technique: How To Feel More Sexual Pleasure

Women’s Technique: How To Feel More Sexual Pleasure

(Guys, you do NOT know this about a vagina… and though I’m writing it for the ladies, you’ll want to read it too.)

Women, here is a secret way to feel even more pleasure from intercourse.

Often, in order to achieve orgasm, a woman will tighten her muscles and put concentrated focus on her clitoris to get off.

Add a vibrator to the mix and it’s like putting 1,000 pounds of pressure on a single location — you might come, but it’s not going to give you the level of pleasure you might have if you consider this alternative.

OPENING instead of contracting or tightening, will actually increase the number of orgasms you can have and how good they feel.

Tightening down resembles an orgasmic contraction, but is not an equal replacement for expanding, spreading and opening to an orgasm.

When you begin to open your pussy, it will naturally begin to have orgasmic contractions that tighten it up ever so slightly at first and with increasing muscle tone, the contractions will become big enough that you will have MAJOR orgasms!

Here’s what you do:

Consciously relax and open your vulva as you are making love. Don’t force it, but keep your attention on opening your vulva to your lover.

Whether your partner is going down on you, fingering you or using his penis, keep breathing and opening, instead of tightening and contracting.

At first, because this is different than how you normally orgasm, it will feel weird.

But as you keep focusing on opening like a lotus flower, each petal unfurling, your labia yielding and receiving, you will begin to feel more sensations both inside and outside your vagina.

If you can train your partner to spend time engorging you — bringing blood to your “Yoni” (genitals) — your clitoris will get a “hard on,” your labia will swell and your G-Area will puff up and push out of the entrance to your vaginal canal.

The engorgement, combined with breathing and opening, instead of contracting and focusing just on your clit, will heighten the pleasurable sensations throughout your pussy.


I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about “bearing down” when you try to have ejaculatory orgasms, right?

I call this “birthing your orgasm” because it’s a lot like pushing out a baby.

This idea of pushing out (combined with the stroke patterns I provide with the video sessions in Female Liquid Orgasm) expels the ejaculatory fluids and it also opens your vulva further.

Every woman has the ability to ejaculate when orgasming. And yes, you can choose to or not, depending on the situation.

What I can tell you is the squirting orgasms are very nurturing, emotionally healing (like a good cry, only sexy) and physically “cleansing.”

Guys love them because it’s “proof” that you had an incredible orgasm.

You start small but can build up to soaking through towels and it just feels wonderful.

Ejaculation is easy to learn and you can get my free eBook, The Truth and Myths About Female Ejaculation when you click this link:

Squirting Report <=== Fun To Read!

The next time you make love, get your partner to spend a good amount of time stroking your genitals to engorgement and giving you blended orgasms where he slides a finger inside and strokes the “roof” of your vagina while rubbing circles on your clit.

Just relax, breathe, open and feel the pleasure!

Email me and let me know how this works for you.

When you grab my free report, “The Truth About Female Ejaculation,” you will see an adorable video about Catherine, one of my clients who is a science nerd. You will love her!

Blossom Like A Flower.


  1. Dear :Tallulah I love your excellence and how you brake down the hole. Process about female genitals and engorement. How you gave your women grate pleasure and hot orgasms
    And grate sex :thank you
    So much you are the best sulis
    Your. Truly ” ublan’o

  2. thanks and pls keep sending more articles.

  3. You guy u r hot i lve that.i need this everyday of my life.send me this everyday.

  4. Really useful tips for couples

  5. Push a small well lubricated vibrator into her bum and activate it while you are inside her.
    She will buck like a stung bronco. Try to come at the same time it will be this side of heaven.

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