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Be The Guy She Loves

Be The Guy She Loves

Money and looks certainly seem to help, but more often than not, you see the hottest women flocking to guys with confidence…

Guys who exude an “alpha male attitude.”


You’ve seen this happen in bars again and again: hot girls end up literally hanging off some guy who has an alpha male persona.

Trust me – You WANT this kind of success…

You could try to mimic the cocky vibe that guys who are successful with women give off.

But before you do that, you should realize this: there is something deeper at play, something that is based more on biology and less on “swagger.”

Actually, the ONE thing that makes her most horny is something you probably haven’t even considered before:


Bear with me for a second, because after I explain this, you will see that it makes perfect, logical sense.

When you have that first flirty interaction with a woman, she is looking for signs that you have a high level of testosterone.

Having an alpha male attitude and a confident vibe are two signs (but not the only two signs) that a man has testosterone to spare…

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There is a lot more to it, though. Everything, from how you carry yourself to what you say to even how you smell, can give her clues about your testosterone level.

Based on her “measurement,” she’ll categorize you as:

1) a nice guy who she doesn’t mind talking to for a few minutes but who she isn’t really attracted to sexually OR

2) someone she secretly hopes will take her back to his place for some hot, sweaty sex.

But why the heck does she care so much about testosterone?

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, and it is directly linked to sexual performance.

The more testosterone a guy has, the more likely it is that he will be able to please her in bed. Guys with higher testosterone levels have more confidence and are more decisive in bed because they feel like they are physically able to perform.

Here’s some bad news (don’t worry, it’s followed by some good news):

You can’t fake high testosterone, and you can’t learn to give her high testosterone signals if you don’t actually HAVE high testosterone.

Even if you manage to get her into bed, your poor performance and soft erection are going to give your low-T problems away.

But the good news is this:

IF you know how to make all the areas of your life work together, you can raise your testosterone levels very quickly.

Without drugs or herbs or potions…

And, once you build your testosterone levels, your confidence in your sexual abilities will increase, and this confidence will show.

Trust me, women will see it, and it will make them desire you.

The most important thing to realize is that this is a physical change. This IS NOT about talking yourself into acting more confident or anything.

Raising your testosterone is about actually physically feeling more confident and feeling able to attract women AND to please them in bed.

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…  And keep an eye out for the next email because I am going to show you ALL the areas of your lifestyle that affect your testosterone level.

You’ll need to know this, because you may be doing things that are actually DRAINING your testosterone without even knowing it.

Get Alpha.

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