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Teach Her To Want More Sex

Teach Her To Want More Sex

Here’s a fantastic way to escalate her sexual desire over the weeks and months that you are together, so she loves sex more and more all the time.


Yes. It’s that easy.  Here’s why.

When you have a tacit agreement in your relationship. .  .

. . . something that is just the way it is naturally, that you didn’t talk about but both agree on. . .

where you are the teacher and leader of sex in your relationship, you have the freedom to lead her sexually.

The most common reason a woman doesn’t want to do a certain sexual thing is FEAR.

People are afraid of what they don’t know.

If you teach her all kinds of things about sex, it will keep your conversation juicy and she will simply be more open to trying new things.

You will also be preventing her from cheating on you.

Men who talk about sex with their woman are far less likely to get cheated on.

You will be leading her, teaching, her guiding her and coaching her toward her sexual opening throughout the weeks and months and years.

She will be doing a wide variety of sexual things with you.

The variety will keep her turned on and wanting more new experiences with you.

The sex will get better between you because you’ll be comfortable with the subject matter from the educational facts and information you always share.

This will also prevent her from cheating on you or simply ceasing to have sex with you, or make you beg for sex.

Start small. Take a little factoid from one of our emails and explain it to her.

Set yourself up as the kind of many who is always learning new things. She will look up to you.

Over time, you can get more specific and talk about certain positions or parts of your anatomy.

Teach her all about her womanly parts. Be a source of knowledge.

This will help her trust you and want to be vulnerable and intimate with you behind closed doors.

Once you have leadership and trust, all you need is presence and technique.

Presence is just putting your attention on her instead of dicking around with your phone or what ever.

And technique is easy. Just get some online home study programs that teach you female orgasm techniques and you will be the kind of guy she will open her legs to and show her precious gems.

So stay on this email list and keep opening up things that look of interest.

Pretty quickly you’ll have some great facts at your fingertips for just the right moment to dazzle her with your sexual knowledge.

I remember the first time I really LOOKED at my genitals with respect and awe. Tim had been touching all my parts and telling me what they were. I was connecting sensation to the sound of the word in my mind. But soon enough, I wanted to SEE my pussy. So Tim got me a mirror and touched each part and spoke their name to me as I watched in the mirror in joy and appreciation for my own vulva.

That was a heart-opening moment to share as a couple.

And that is what happened because Tim taught me about sex.

It’s not lost on me that what I do now is teach you about sex. 🙂

Go now and learn a new cluster of female orgasm skills.

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  1. Susan big thanks for all your help on the sex life this is great advice it’s been helping me out big deal I feel know more mature about it and more manly man if I can say like that thank you again

  2. I’ve had trouble trying to open my woman up to the sexual knowledge I know. She felt intimidated and not special because she thinks it’s something I try to do with all women before. (not true and had to explain my knowledge from PLM was right before we dated back in 2011.)

    For instances she was not thrilled when I told her she has the ability to squirt and walking her through it by describing what she is feeling and what she’ll be feeling made things uncomfortable for her. So I backed off.

    This was over a year ago before I moved in with her and now we still have arguments over sex. It brings frustration to both of us and lacks any natural feelings around sex.

    We take it one day at a time and try to make it work but I feel like we won’t last should this continue.

    I know I should start over with small offers and take it from there however it gets complicated. She tells me that she needs to be put in the mood which is to skimp on foreplay, stick it in and sometimes she’ll get into it. Other times I try to start slow and she’ll get upset which will get me upset because I love foreplay!
    Frustrated, confused & worried Jeremy

  3. Don’t worry my friend I myself deal with a women who mirrors your description, she actually said that extended for play is like flipping a switch off sexually for her when she is ready it’s put it in time. Here is what I have discovered I will put it in than I use the 9 shallow 1 med thrust fall owed by 8 shallow 1med 1medium to deep thrust than 7 shallow fall owed by Med than med deep and than deep than 6 shallow fall owed by 4 deep than5 shallow 5 deep and than 4 shallow fallowed by 6 deep down to one shallow 9 deep than 10 deep if she hasn’t cum yet I will break out the hitachi magic wand and start over wile she is holding the vibrator on her clit she cums hard over and over wile I’m thrusting inside her. After 5 or 6 orgasms you can do just about any new things you want with her and she will be open for it without even having to ask.

    • thank you Robert for this technique. It sounds great. I’m a bit confused what happens after the 6 deep. Do you go 6 deep, 1 shallow, 9 deep, 10 deep? Or is there something in between the 9 and 10 deep?

      • Thanks for your question what you do is start with 9 shallow thrusts followed by 1 med to deep than 8 fall owed by 2 deep ( you do this 7-3 6-4 5-5 4-6 3-7 2-8 1-9 than. I will usually just aim for her g spot and slowly push it in further and further with every thrust till I’m bottoming out and I know to back off slightly. Most importantly make her comfortable and give her what she likes because every women is different but the rule of ten seems to work across the board for me.

  4. pls keep me on your mailing list
    thank you

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