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Things That Lower Your T-levels

Things That Lower Your T-levels

In the last email, I told you about how testosterone is a vital part of performing well sexually and also of attracting and seducing women.

By 25, most men are already past their testosterone peak!


It may not seem like a big deal at first: maybe you notice that you’re not as hard as you used to be, or you just don’t get as excited about lovemaking as you use to be.

But if you are honest with yourself and if you’re a guy over 25, you will probably admit that your sex life might not be as enjoyable as it once was.

Besides age, the other major low-testosterone risk factor is WEIGHT.

Even if you’re slightly overweight or out of shape, your body fat is actually producing a biological compound that turns testosterone into estrogen (that’s right, estrogen is the main FEMALE hormone!)

I’m not making this up: the compound is called Aromatase, and it not only causes you to LOSE testosterone, but to actually develop feminine traits.

This is why fatter guys sometimes develop man-boobs. Excessive estrogen caused by body fat can wreak havoc on your sexual ability and desire for sex.

In the last email, I also mentioned something about working on all the areas of your life that affect testosterone.

Here’s why this is important: If you can get all the areas right, your T levels will grow QUICKLY.

However, if you get just ONE thing wrong, you can sabotage your efforts and keep yourself from reaching your peak when it comes to sexual performance.

It’s like pumping up a bike tire and finding out you’ve got a big hole in the tube.

Even if you are at the best age for testosterone, a few lifestyle mistakes and bad habits could ruin what should be a sex-filled, exciting time of your life.

I’m going to tell you about 3 very important areas right now. When you make mistakes in one of these areas, you can lower your testosterone BIG TIME:

T-Killer #1 – Diet.

Did you know that foods like tofu can actually cause your body to convert testosterone into estrogen. Soy additives in pre-prepared foods can do the same. Some pesticides used on vegetables and growth hormones used in meats can also cause estrogen growth in men.

At the same time, certain vegetables (like broccoli) can actually causes a spike in testosterone and can even block estrogen from being made in your body (to counteract any diet mistakes that you have made).

T-Killer #2 – Exercise.

Testosterone production is related to exercise. Too little exercise and you won’t see any results. However, too much exercise can be just as bad, causing your body to make cortisol, a natural steroid, instead of testosterone.

Stay tuned for the next email, because I am going to tell you how to hit that exercise sweet spot where you are making the maximum amount of testosterone with minimum effort.

T-Killer #3 – Sleep.

Most of your testosterone is produced when you sleep. So if you don’t get enough sleep, even if you are doing everything else right, you can still lower your testosterone.

If you want to learn how to master these three important areas as well as all the other testosterone-building things necessary for peak sexual performance and magnetic sexual charisma that will naturally draw women to you:

Next email, I’m going to tell you about three easy (and cheap) ways to give your testosterone levels a spike right away.

Read it, especially if you are skeptical, because these three things will give you a way to test what I am telling you about the Testosterone Lifestyle. If you do them for a week, you WILL see noticeable results.

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  1. Yes, but what you may not realize is that T levels and sperm counts have been going down in men for decades now. That means, a typical 21 year old man has lower T and lower sperm (quality and quantity) than his father did when he was 21, and lower than his grandfather when he was also 21. Things are not looking good for us, in other words, and the field of epigenetics is starting to shed some possible light on this. It turns out that chemical exposure not only messes up your DNA, but also the DNA of your children, and your children’s children. Specifically, they have found problems in generations after exposure related to obesity and reproductive problems. So, while your suggestions are useful, more extreme measures may be required to raise a young man’s T levels these days. It’s not a simple matter of diet, exercise and sleep, in other words.

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