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How To Increase The Eroctic Energy Between You And Your Lover

Notice below how I describe the growling sound, the oily fingers, the place I like to feel myself being held (across my shoulder blades) as his tongue is deep in my mouth. This is a sexual communication skill from Expand Her Orgasm Tonight called, “Sharing Frames.”


Describing in visceral, corporeal, sensual terms what turns you on that your lover does to you, or how you get yourself turned on with them, at anytime during or after you’ve had sex heightens your arousal and attraction for each other.

Plus it’s just damned nice to get feedback on what about you and your sexing is HOT.

What is a “Frame?” <=== Read the Back Story: “Sharing Frames”

Here’s an example of a frame I shared with my lover:

“Baby, last night it turned me on so much to have you hold me in your arms while I was sitting on your lap in your easy chair.

Your “Daddy energy” was hot – it made me feel nurtured and feminine and girlie.

It makes me feel most secure when you hold me with both arms wrapped around me, across my shoulder blades.

When your tongue explores my mouth firmly, deeply, with a hunger, I can feel my tongue twisting in your mouth, wanting to taste more of you, feel more of you..

And when you growl like a big brown bear, and I hear your guttural pleasure, the animal-like craving you have for me it makes me feel so sexy, so desired. I like the sounds you make.

As your hands, fingers slick with oil, caress my sweet cheeks and explore my other lips, I fantasize about you carrying me to the bedroom, and ravishing me while I just let go, and let go, and let go.”

That’s an example of a “Frame.”

Notice the growling sound, the feeling of oily fingers, the place I like to be held (across my shoulder blades) and his tongue deep in my mouth.

Frames describe physical experiences of the senses.

If you want to have more erotic sex, draw on the senses by sharing frames.

Not only will sharing frames increase the erotic energy between you two, Frames also give your lover specific examples about what really turns them on.

So you can give your beloved MORE of what gets them off.

Sharing Frames is one of the 21 Erotic Playdates that playfully show you and your lover all the skills to have an Expanded Orgasm date.

Dr. Patti teaches you amazing sexual communication skills that let the man hold the woman in a multi-orgasmic fingering experience that last for 15, 30, even 45 minutes.

Women have an unbelievable ability to orgasm. Expanded Orgasm stroke patterns let her come and come such that each orgasm feels better than the last.

Sharing Frames is one of the skills that lets you become deeply connected as lovers who can join in rapturous pleasure together.

Try it yourself tonight.

I’ve Been Framed!

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