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How To Project A Sexual Vibe

How To Project A Sexual Vibe

She’s 90% more likely to sleep with you when. . .

Single women want sex MUCH faster than ever before due to cultural shifts and the new “hookup culture.”


Which is why I just HATE these videos that say you have to use “tricks” to get a woman to want to sleep with you.

For the first time EVER in human culture, it’s socially acceptable for women to act on their sexual urges and sleep with you shortly after meeting.

Recent studies from the Guttmacher Institute and the Kinsey Institute found that a woman is 90% more likely to make love on the first date than she was even a decade ago.

The “3 date rule” is a thing of the past.

And here’s a secret “behavior” I’ve noticed in every man who naturally has his choice of women:

He projects a sexual vibe within seconds of meeting her.

A sexual vibe does NOT mean being a creep, who relies on sexual innuendo and corny lines.

Far from it, actually.

When you know how to project this “vibe”… you’ll never waste hours, days, or months of your life trying to “win a woman over.”

When you do THIS, she will try to win YOU over, because she will begin to feel incredibly turned on around you from the get go.

Here are three main ways this true video recommends you convey sexual vibe, turn her on, and take things smoothly to the next level:

  1. Sexual compliments and touch rewards
  2. Sexual eye contact and tonality
  3. Sexual state transference

In fact, Dr. David Tian, “The Dating Coach for Intelligent Men,” put together a video where he does a live demonstration of this technique, on a smoking hot girl… you can check it out here:

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Sexual State Transference is part of his “Desire System”… a brand new seduction system that uses some extremely powerful psychological secrets…

These secrets allow you to create more turn on and attraction with women.

I’d encourage you to check out the live demo now, as he’s only giving these secrets to a small test group of men through personal connections like me.

Sexual compliments and touch rewards, sexual eye contact and tonality, and sexual state transference will help you have more lovers in your life. Having more lovers will hone your skills quickly, allowing you to pleasure women more thoroughly.

If you’re single, the best thing you can do is learn these three techniques ASAP.

I apologize in advance for the nasty language, but I reviewed the program and it’s actually excellent. Many, many guys on my list have purchased this and are VERY SATISFIED. <wink wink>

Tomorrow you can get out there and start using these techniques that make women warm to you immediately.

Becoming sexually contagious makes your whole life more zesty and in this video they talk about how men who have more sex make more money. So even if you’re not rolling in cash right now, learning these techniques can actually improve your cash flow.

You can’t afford not to check this amazing technique out.


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