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Silent Seduction Trick

Silent Seduction Trick

This video is about how to get women to approach you.


At any given moment, millions of men are standing by themselves around bars and clubs all across the globe…

… trying to find some average girl to pay attention to them long enough to ask for her phone number after 20 mins of nervous, bumbling conversation…

Or maybe they’re sarging around in some public place, trying to “game” pretty girls as they walk by…

That’s a sucker’s game.

It’s not the game that winners with women play…

You see, in the background… a quiet group of men just like you, have been using explosive yet secret seduction techniques to live wild sex lives that even rockstars would be jealous of…

… in bed with supermodels, yoga teachers, and actresses…

It’s all based on the teachings of seduction expert and my personal friend, Greg C. Greenway…

Greg’s resume reads like the who’s who of Hollywood conquests: Maxim Models and a Miss Arizona beauty queen have been powerless to his seduction system…

In Greg’s new video he is going to show you how to enjoy a whole other sex life that very few men ever imagined possible…

Get girls by doing nothing.  You HAVE to see the video !!

I really enjoyed his video. He gives you a lot of free information, insights and even a special trick you can use TONIGHT to get that girl at the bar to chase you.


“The Royal Tribute” is Greg’s system for getting guys or girls to introduce you to all the cute girls you like. Approaching sucks for most men, so with a few little social tweaks you can have all the women you could possibly want introduced to you by other people. This signals high value, creates warm approaches and makes the seduction a lot easier.

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Greg is the real deal:

“Hey Greg, Love your work. I’ve used the strategies in the King’s Game to meet  attractive women on a daily basis and I say what I want no matter how hot  they are because of your Seduction Parachute I’m now a confident man not  the pussy whipped walkover I used to be…” -Matt. Oklahoma City, OK

“Having invested a lot of money in many dating products, The King’s Game  was definitely the best not only for value but content. I immediately noticed  a change in the way women were treating me and the responses that I get  as soon as I open my mouth have blown me away…I think it stems from the  confidence that you gain from learning the material in TKG, I would  recommend this product to anyone. Thanks again Greg,” –EV. Boston, MA

“Hey Greg To start off with i was a bit nervous using the King Game, but after a month of  it, i was away and running and the girls I was hooking up with were beyond  anything I could even dream of.  Thank you for getting me closer to my ideal life…”  -Kyran L. Rotorua, New Zealand

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  1. Hi, Were can I buy this: ATTRACT WOMEN BY DOING NOTHING I would to learn more. Thank you

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