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2 Pieces Of Lingerie Wives LOVE To Wear Most

Can you guess? What are the two pieces of lingerie wives and girlfriends love to wear most?

I thought a negligee (also called a peignoir or chemise) and sexy high heels appealed to the broadest range of women.

But my friend, Mark Hoffman, founder of Wicked Temptations told me differently.

The great news is that crotchless panties and a push up bra are an easy thing to buy your wife.


Just go into her closet and find out if she wears a small, medium or large bottom and then look at her bra to see if she wears a 34, 36, 38 and A, B, C, D, DD, or E cup size.

Now that you know her sizes, you can pick out something that you would find sexually irresistible to her, buy it and give it to her.

When you give it to her, don’t just shove it her direction and stare silently at her…

Warm her up to the idea by telling her you think she’s super sexy and you’ve always fantasized about her wearing these items.

If you can get one of those wrapping bags and some tissue paper from the store so it’s more like a present, you’ll get double points from her.

Let her know that if she would do you the honor of wearing them, she would make you an even happier man.

If she feels like lingerie objectifies women, just explain to her that she is as strong and amazing a woman as ever, and this is just fun, playful sexy time.

Women do like to have FUN! Sometimes they just need your permission and encouragement.


Alternately, you could be a more domineering man and try this tactic:

In the morning, wake her up with a kiss and tell her she’s going to be your love slave tonight and has to do everything you tell her.

The first thing she has to do is put on the panties and bra and wear them around the house or at the office under her clothes all day.

Then text her throughout the day and ask her if she’s getting as turned on as you are thinking about how hot she is and all the things you are going to do to her.

Order take out or have food delivered so you can get right to erotic massage.

Make her take off her clothes and let you admire her when she gets home.

Have her turn around in a circle and whistle at her.

Then ask her to dance and do a little strip tease for you as she removes each piece.

Keep telling her very specific things about her body that you find particularly sexy and why in as much detail as possible:


I love how your long legs and big breasts look in lingerie. I especially love that you’re curvy without being fat. Like how your ankles are so slender…

I love seeing your little sweet cheeks when you’re bent over doggie style. The shape of your ass is so hot to me.

I like the way your tummy feels under my hands when I’m massaging it. Your skin is so incredibly soft. I’ve always loved that about you.”

The more specific you can be about what exactly attracts you to her above all women, the more you will convince her it’s safe to let down her guard and be really slutty with you.

If you alternate gifts of lingerie with gifts of chocolate, perfume and shiny jewelry (none of which has to be overly expensive — it’s the thought that counts) she will be so thrilled about you she will brag to her girlfriends.

If you’ve been lazy recently about getting her presents, and you’re not getting as much affection as you’d like, stop and think about whether you’re taking the time to put in the energy she deserves from you.

What are you waiting for?

Click below, pick up a little sumpin’ for your pumpkin.

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I’m like your dirty little fairy godmother, aren’t I?

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