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4 Steps To Make Women Want You

4 Steps To Make Women Want You

The following 4 steps to get physical come from the only system based on real data of what’s made thousands of real women want to have sex.

Predict with statistical accuracy the exact behaviors that lead to hooking up.

While every girl is different, the blueprint to make her want to have sex is almost identical, and when you use it, her responses can be predictable.


1. 86% of women said it’s ok to hold hands, kissing (73%), touching (25%)

2. Move slowly with your touching, as you slowly get closer and closer to her

3. Tak her to “romantic” locations that provide privacy, even if you’re not totally alone

4. Gauge her reactions. Her response tells you what to do next.

For more specific details on all this, go watch this video about the Sexual Activation Blueprint.

Craig Miller has mined data to predict the % boosts you can get doing his methods.

This data is statistically projectable across all women and is based on meta data from online research.=

Women want to be romanced and swept off their feet. Knowing what works gives you the blueprint to get where you both want to go faster.

Let’s Get Physical!

You will also learn attraction fast hacks, the best ways to meet her, how to create an instant connection, get her number, have a great date, and close the deal.

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