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5 Steps For An Instant Connection

5 Steps For An Instant Connection

This is the most exciting new technology news in dating! There is a new way to predictably make a woman want sex with you.

It’s data-driven and the patterns are based on data analytics. Predict with statistical accuracy the exact behaviors that lead to hooking up.


Though women are wildly different, what makes any woman want to have sex is almost identical according to Craig Miller.

This Sexual Activation Blueprint is based on Predictive Modeling (a statistical projection based on fact) when you use it, her responses will become so predictable.

Knowing this will make sex faster and easier than you could ever imagine.


Just a few years ago this discovery wouldn’t have even been possible, but thanks to new development in technology Craig was able to analyze the data and reveal a secret blueprint of what makes women want to have sex.


Because the techniques are based on data, they are as close to rejection proof as possible.


Controversial hidden camera footage of this discovery in action is shown as it’s used live on camera to make REAL girls want to hookup, right in front of your eyes! Even men who have never used the trick before try it for the very first time and get nearly immediate success!


According to Craig, the five steps are:

1. Avoid controversial topics*

2. Be mysterious. 62% Boost. (he will show you how)

3. Find commonalities (music, food, movies) 30% Boost.

4. Focus on Herself, Observations, Interesting Facts, Current Events, Stories

5. Don’t be upfront about sex/hooking up. 169% Boost. (it’s too aggressive, follow his formula instead and it warms her up predictably statistically)
This is the only system based on real data of what’s made thousands of real women want to have sex.

Numbers Don’t Lie.

* Religion and politics are most controversial and Craig gives you the best topics to stick with to get her to trust you enough to want to have sex.

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