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How To Ejaculate A Large Amount Of Semen

How To Ejaculate A Large Amount Of Semen

Is your load shrinking?

“The average amount (volume) of semen expelled by a healthy man in one ejaculation is about a teaspoon (3-5 cubic centimeters). And the semen should spurt or shoot out of the penis, not dribble. Many things, in addition to simple aging, can reduce volume or impair the way the semen is expelled,” according to Dr. Harry Fisch, a leading doctor of urology.

Most women have a positive primal reaction to a man who ejaculates a large amount of semen during lovemaking.

Facials are a major allure in porn.

And blowing a giant load expands a man’s orgasmic pleasure.

That’s why I am so excited about my friend Adam Armstrong’s new and improved edition of Huge Load Formula: Extreme Edition.


Adam has been giving his personal clients this proprietary and natural recipe for years and finally created an ebook for any man anywhere in the world to have.

I’ve personally reviewed the formula and every single ingredient is healthy, natural, familiar to me.

It’s a daily energy drink that you blend up – like a morning smoothie – that increases the amount of seminal fluid you ejaculate in addition to making you generally healthier too.

I’m up on nutrition and give this formula two thumbs up as being safe to drink, unlike so many scary things on the market peddled to men in the stamina category.


“The “time” shown on a man’s particular biological clock is a function of how much semen he ejaculates, how many and how healthy his sperm is, his level of testosterone, and the quality and reliability of his erections. Men scoring high on these measures are biologically young regardless of their age, though, as we’ll see, some degradation in the genetic quality of sperm is unavoidable. Many ways exist to improve the four key parameters of sexual health and, thus, rewind (to a certain extent anyway) the male biological clock in men who score low in any of these areas.”- Dr. Harry Fisch, FACS, Clinical Professor of Urology, Weill Cornell Medical College


For women, a man with a huge load makes her feel like she is extra sexy. If you can come that much with her compared to other guys she gets her need met of being found sexually irresistible. She will feel like she pleased and satisfied you.

Your “money shot” gives her sexual confidence and makes her feel like you and she have the hottest sex of any guy she is with.

“Having sex can also reduce depression, particularly in women because seminal fluid is a cocktail of potent chemicals. The dopamine and norepinephrine in this male liquor relieve stress and give energy, optimism, focus and motivation. Oxytocin and vasopressin in seminal fluid can give feelings of deep attachment as well. And the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) found in male ejaculate regulate a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle.” – Helen E. Fisher, PhD biological anthropologist, is a Research Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University.

If you can drink a healthy smoothie in the morning and let a huge load rip at night you are putting smart attention on your sexual health. This is going to pay off for you in every aspect of your life.

Because sexual confidence bleeds into how you show up in the world as a man who can get things done. And women are drawn to men like that.

I’d recommend you guzzle Huge Load Formula every morning because the nutrients are cutting edge bio-hacking ingredients.

“The result is always the same. Drink Huge Load Formula daily and your sex drive skyrockets, erection hardens and load becomes a lot bigger, often times MASSIVE.” – Adam Armstrong

This is not some shady ingredients that will make you sick.

What’s inside Huge Load Formula is readily available and easy to make.

There’s even a cheap and lazy man’s version!

I am adding these ingredients to the morning smoothie my husband drinks anyway.

Please email me and let me know how it works for you.

I’m so excited about this!

Adam Armstrong is a personal friend of mine. He lives in England. He’s a fairly young, very smart guy whose business is sexual techniques, like mine. I’ve promoted every program he’s ever produced because they are excellent. You can absolutely trust his information. I stand behind this personally.

I wanted to make sure you understood that you can trust him on the Huge Load Formula because there are so many scary products being offered to men for stamina.

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