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How To Have Safe Sex With Multiple Lovers

Andy, who has always been concerned with the safety of his body and emotions, wrote in after my recent article on the safe sex strategy called, Fluid Bonded. And he offers a fascinating option to use Erotic Hypnosis to give women orgasms just by talking to them.

OMG this is SO SEXY. Scroll down to learn how Andy gives his wife 3 hours of orgasms with short breaks just to calm down…. HOT!


Susan – I just love you for putting out this information so clearly.

I almost wrote back to you on the previous STD update article, but held off since you’ve been generous to read your audience’s replies, and your inbox I’m sure overflows.

This is one of the two things I always felt no one but me understood. I saw so many friends and acquaintances hooking up randomly and there were no tests and often no condoms…and no commitments…and likely no real sexual history conversations.

I was always concerned for my body and safety physically and emotionally. Nothing extreme – but putting your body into someone else’s body just seemed like more than a hug or a kiss – and you nailed with this term: FLUID BONDED – I LOVE THAT! It really puts it into perspective – the perspective I’ve always had but could not seem to find anyone else that agreed or was even close to my beliefs there…

It is one thing to want a blowjob in the spur of the moment from a friendly and fun girl, but I always would ask myself, “Do I really feel that way about her? Do I really want to have that connection with her in that intimate way?” thinking with my heart and not just my hard cock.

And what I was really asking myself was “do I want to be fluid bonded with this person forever more with all the history they bring to this point YES or NO?” and of course “do I know this person well enough to have this type of interaction with them?”

I always believed that if I didn’t care enough about a girl to get to know her as a person, then I really didn’t think it would be a good idea to have sex with her, even if she wants an anonymous lay…I like a little more intimacy emotionally than that – so that part was always clear to me – but the the fluid bonded thing – that really nailed the other side of it…

It still amazes me how quickly people will jump to wet sex with another with no information about them…it always just seemed too risky for me. Condoms are great but skin to skin can still transfer some disease and what about open cuts, even small ones from shaving or small amounts of fluid from other sources – it really seems like to have good sex, it can’t be 100% sterile – that’s no fun! – get to know them – get tested – wait for it – build trust – make your agreements and allow time to demonstrate good behavior to each other – then give her the best wet sex of her life.

In the mean time, train her sexually to be highly responsive to you with hypnosis. That way when you do finally undress her and touch her wet, she will literally explode all over for you – again and again.

I LOVE sex and I LOVE women but I don’t love STD’s and I’ve managed to stay 100% clean by having few long term partners and of course recently I’ve been married and monogamous by choice for 15 years. I’ve found that I can give women incredible pleasure and intimacy without necessarily fucking them all, at least not physically. I don’t pretend I can have it all – do every girl that I might consider hot and still have them all respect me as a man and care for me as a friend or lover or ex lover. Perhaps there are girls that would all be thrilled to know I’m just out on the prowl being a man and are happy to be part of a polygamous circle, but those don’t tend to be the girls to whom I’m attracted. To me, considering her feelings and our agreements and not bending or breaking them on a whim just because I find another hot girl is simply my responsibility to her humanity and sexuality and body and heart and soul…and my own.

Just saw your other piece about over stimulated clitoris. Great advice there too…not to mention hypnosis, since orgasm is entirely in the mind – enhanced by the body sensations when provided by yourself or a lover. Together there is no better feeling than mind-body-lover connection. I have given my wife a 3 hours orgasm (with some short breaks to calm down) using EH. It must peak and valley, but the whole time she’s in heaven.

xoxo Andy
Masterful Lover


Thank you for reminding me that Erotic Hypnosis is a safe way to have hot sex. I recommend my friend Mark Cunningham’s system. Trusted and proven.

Great plus up to my recommendation for fluid bonded sex practices.

Always appreciate you!

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  1. What if you have std and the girl you in love with a doesn’t have std so what would be your suggestion about this kind of relationship is it possible to beleive in the statement love is blind or just forget it and carry on with life as it is

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