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What Women Say About Ejaculate

What Women Say About Ejaculate

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I asked a number of my sexually active girlfriends to give me their opinion about men’s ejaculate and this is what they said:

-I like to swallow, and I like when having intercourse for the guy to orgasm in me (with a condom). It feels complete to me. I also like when a guy ejaculates on me (definitely not on my face though), though as soon as cum gets cold it grosses me out, so I just can’t do the whole licking cum off of someone thing.

-I don’t have to have it, but I do enjoy ejaculate in and on me (men and women).

-It is not something I am into with everyone or even every time, it is a very special completion of something that is sacred to myself and my fluid bonded lovers.

-I hate in porno when they show the guy coming on the girls face and eye… its gross and demeaning to me

-I don’t really like it. Definitely don’t swallow. Except on some rare occasion if I especially like the person but even then the planets have to align.. If it’s on me I want it off asap

I like watching ejaculations, but I get grossed out when it ends up anywhere but skin (furniture/hair). So on me is the best spot ^__^

-I very much enjoy ingesting a (safe) man’s semen and have even been licking it off various parts of my body when he ejaculates there. I believe this practice (ingesting his semen) to be my Fountain of Youth.

-With a fluid bonded partner, I love to feel him ejaculate in me during sex because 1) the build up and release of his orgasm arouses my body; 2) I feel very connecting through the whole climax and aftermath; and 3) it’s less messy. This is mostly true when using condoms, too, but the electricity is dampened.

-I don’t get any turn on from someone ejaculating on my body, but don’t mind it either, but I don’t want someone coming on my face. Also, I DO want my partner to help clean it up.

-“Big loads” kinda gross me out.

-As for fellatio, I really enjoy it and usually swallow but it depends somewhat on how a guy smells and what his personal diet and hygiene patterns are. If he eats a healthy diet, trims or shaves his pubic hair, and showers regularly, it’s all good.

-When someone expresses a desire to come on me, or in my mouth in a particular way, I have a judgement that he probably watches a lot of porn and isn’t really present with me during sex.

-I like my fluid bonded lovers to ejaculate inside me for a few reasons: 1) It’s such a primal need for my lovers that I want to give them the feeling of coming deep inside me. They are so grateful. 2) I have read that the semen is good for a woman’s hormones. So I feel like it’s healthy for both of us. 3) I’ve noticed my vaginal health has been excellent, the more sex I have and the more ejaculate is inside me.

-I only swallow when the mood strikes, but I always encourage my husband to come inside me. Coming on my body feels like a waste.

-On the few occasions when I get to see my boyfriend’s ejaculate shoot out of him, I always find it really exciting.

-It’s not that I think a big load is better, but it seems like a signal of health.

-Guys who have a lot of ejaculate seem to feel really great about themselves. And I want my guy to feel sexually empowered, so I like it when he cums a lot.

As you can read, how your ejaculate is perceived by a woman varies by individual preferences.

If it’s important to YOU to have a big load, then Huge Load Extreme is a natural, healthy way to increase the volume of your semen.

The men who have tried it and given me feedback have liked it for the following reasons:

1) It increases the volume of their semen
2) They like the taste of the formula and feel like it’s a healthy morning ritual
3) The smoothie is an excellent alternative to sugar and carb based breakfasts and carries you through until lunch filling more full and less ravenous
4) Drinking the formula in the morning gives more mental power, not just more semen
5) Guys who drink the Huge Load Formula appreciate that they are focused on their sexual health

“The average amount (volume) of semen expelled by a healthy man in one ejaculation is about a teaspoon (3-5 cubic centimeters). And the semen should spurt or shoot out of the penis, not dribble. Many things, in addition to simple aging, can reduce volume or impair the way the semen is expelled,” according to Dr. Harry Fisch, a leading doctor of urology.

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Interesting quote: “The “time” shown on a man’s particular biological clock is a function of how much semen he ejaculates, how many and how healthy his sperm is, his level of testosterone, and the quality and reliability of his erections. Men scoring high on these measures are biologically young regardless of their age, though, as we’ll see, some degradation in the genetic quality of sperm is unavoidable. Many ways exist to improve the four key parameters of sexual health and, thus, rewind (to a certain extent anyway) the male biological clock in men who score low in any of these areas.” -Dr. Harry Fisch, FACS, Clinical Professor of Urology, Weill Cornell Medical College

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