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Natural Ways To Make Your Manhood Bigger And Stronger

Natural Ways To Make Your Manhood Bigger And Stronger

Special Article for Personal Life Media Insider’s Club Members by Alex Allman, Revolutionary Sexologist

Ways to FEEL bigger, harder and more virile to your woman . . . Without risking the mutilation that comes from modern “enhancement.”

Would you mutilate yourself for good sex? That’s what Vikings did: They wrapped their manhoods in coals warmed by fire. Burning and scarring themselves.

Why? Because the ancient Vikings believed fire would give them a stronger erection.

They’re not the only “crazy” culture, either: Chinese men hung weights from their genitals. (Sometimes more than 300 pounds!) African men twisted and pulled their shaft with wood branches. The Kama Sutra – the ancient sex manual – told a young lover to “coat his genitals with honey…

… then let them be stung by wasps.”

Thankfully, we don’t go to the same lengths to develop longer, stronger or harder erections, right? Unfortunately, our options for male enhancement are just as limited as our forefathers:

Pills can cause “Penile Rupture Syndrome.” A rare event where your veins burst – and spray blood all over the room.

African Penis Stretching with Sticks

Stretches can dislocate your little guy and make it impossible to get hard, ever again.

Surgery can leave you scarred and disfigured, with a “Frankencock” you’d find in dirty horror movies.

But we endure these risks simply because we want greater intimacy, greater endurance and greater connection with our lover.

We crave our lover’s admiration at our “size” and our virility. We lust for the way she moans when she can truly feel our thrust. We ache with a desire to feel sexually powerful. To feel masculine. To feel like men, in a world where that title has been obfuscated.

These are all desires for the world to see us for who we are, deep down: Powerful. In control. Worthy of love and affection. WHICH IS GREAT NEWS: Because it means we can get these emotional and real-world benefits without risking our safety, our manhood and our ability to get or maintain an erection.

In fact, we can feel larger, harder and more virile in bed simply by using new sex positions. Or doing something smart with our fingers. Or whispering a few naughty words in her ear.

I’ve made it my mission to seek out these ways to FEEL bigger, harder and more virile to your woman. Without risking the mutilation that comes from modern “enhancement.”

Luckily, I’ve found a whole bunch of them. (And many interesting facts about the way we’re hard-wired.)

This research has taken me decades and I’ve discovered techniques no one else in the world is using.

If you’d like to hear more about them, please watch this free video I’ve made for you.

Free Sex Position That Makes You Larger

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Regardless whether you watch my video or not, I want to close with an insight I gained from my research. The insight that men – no matter your background – simply want to be accepted by the women in their life.

For some men, this means a woman accepting you into her body, then surrendering to you as she orgasms for you. For others, this means pleasuring a woman so you can relax fully into who you are. Without fear of judgement or criticism. For some, this simply means being accepted by your woman so you can accept yourself as a man.

Whatever your personal journey, please view your desire for sexual potency as what it truly is: A desire for potency in your life. A desire to uncover the fire buried beneath your “well behaved” exterior.

If you take nothing else from this article, I hope you will remember this:

In my comprehensive study, I learned that penis size is far more important to men than to women.  It’s men that search for “big cock” videos on porn sites, not women.

Even for women who say they prefer a bigger penis, the vast majority of them still place it so low on their list of priorities, that it’s crazy for you to be worried about it.

To women, a small penis on a great man is like a yellow Ferrari when they prefer a red one.

BUT… a man who is insecure about his small penis and trying to “compensate” for it is SEXUALLY REPULSIVE to a woman (a used Pinto with a fake Ferrari body bolted onto its frame).

My aim is to teach men the secrets they need to not only sexually satisfy their woman during intercourse with the penis they’ve got, but also to teach them how to show up with the deep confidence and masculine ease that is the root of her deep and lasting sexual attraction for YOU.

I hope learning the techniques for sexual virility will unlock an inner masculine virility as well. Whatever the case, I’m proud to share them with you:

Natural Solution To Increase Your Potency With Women

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