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How Suckable Is Your Manhood

How Suckable Is Your Manhood

On a scale of 1 – 10 for how suckable your cock is…

You’re a 10!

Here’s why:


You are freshly showered.

Your pubic hair is trimmed back so it won’t scratch my lips.

how oral sex positionsYou have a positive, appreciative perspective about me orally pleasuring you. (you’re not ashamed to enjoy yourself)

You give me lots of verbal feedback including positive affirmatio

ns about how much you’re enjoying what I’m doing.

When you need to provide correction, you always do it lovingly and I don’t take it personally.

You don’t make me feel like a slut, you make me feel l like a sexy goddess.

You like it when I take MY pleasure on your cock.

There’s never an assumption that I have to make you climax. I can just do it for as little or as long as I want.

When we’re done, you hold me and pepper me with kisses and tell me what an awesome lover I am.
For that, I give you a Perfect 10!

Honey, how many points would you give yourself if you compared your actions to this list?

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  1. Soloane I have ordered and tired you any women will love oral e-book and tired the “speech, the man grooming, all the way to completely bare, while I completely enjoyed being bare, and grooming, after almost a year I have not even so much as gotten a kiss near the area much less three little licks. Married 26 years and have never received oral in any form. I want to experience the closeness and intimacy I feel when performing oral on her which often is the only way she experinces orgasm especially “good’ ones and absolutely love doing it, but feel like such a male jerk for wanting her to do the same, and like a total idiot for doing and enjoying the grooming and suggestion from your book without so much of an inkling of interest, but rather disgust and resentment from requesting.

  2. Wow, Steven! I wonder what the official response from Sloane would be. It’s kind of shocking to me. My experience has been mostly with men who expect oral, but don’t give it. It’s such a treat when offered! Have you asked for three little licks immediately after she has organsmed? I don’t even know what to say!

    • Thanks Judy. After living this long and having never received any form or oral sex, I would like any suggestions, and the fact that at least one women, has some empathy and understanding makes feel much less like a greedy male slim bucket. I have never asked immediately after her orgasm, do you think that would work, I have tried to separate our/my request outside of the ‘bedroom’ Generally after I have given her an orgasm via oral she is “wasted” and over sensitive to all forms of intimate touch and seemed to prefer just to cuddle, relax and fall asleep, which is part of what I so enjoy from giving her oral the pleasure and sensations she appears to be experiencing are totally amazing and a huge turn on for me. And that intimacy, total acceptance, and bonding I feel is totally amazing as well. I guess it is probably just a sex thing being male, but I really crave that intimacy, closeness, or whatever term applies.

  3. Oral sex – both giving and receiving – is amongst the best experiences one can have, especially when it results in the receiver’s orgasm. I simply adore oral sex – both fellatio and cunnilingus – and can never get too much of it.

  4. At first my wife was not interested in giving me oral sex. but now after I get her engorged and she has a clit orgasm I ask her to switch around into a side laying 69 position so she can give me oral sex while I work on her g-spot with my fingers or her clit with my tongue. This way we are each providing pleasure to each other at the same time. Over the past 6 months she has gotten very good at providing blow jobs and is even deep throating herself. What really sold her though was when she started having g-spot orgasms while she was deep throating me. That was very hot for both of us. She has just recently started having ejaculation during her orgasms while deep throating me which makes it all the better.

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