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How To Stay Hard Longer

How To Stay Hard Longer

“I finish too fast for her to get off from penetration.”

“I can’t climax when I’m inside her. That makes her feel like it’s her fault.”

“I can’t get firm enough to get inside her. I miss that velvety glove!”

Many men have this trouble, and this email spells out an easy way to get more rocky or stay rocky a lot longer, without chemicals.

My friend Matt Cook has been working with guys who have this problem and who want to get a LOT harder…and he has this to say:


“I spent decades with this problem myself. It was beyond embarrassing. I often found I couldn’t date with confidence because what if I couldn’t close the deal with a new girl?

Then after I got married, the problem continued on and off.

What finally got things fixed was the day I discovered these simple solo activities that got things fixed for good.”

Matt spent years refining these methods, and now today the simple solo activities that he recommends can fix most issues, including “too fast” problems, “can’t finish” problems, and “can’t get rocky” problems.

Why do these simple solo activities work so well (and are so darned pleasurable)?

They work through increasing a man’s sensation.

Sensation has been reduced greatly, and when sensation is reduced, a guy eventually doesn’t stay rocky at all — or goes soft during.

Frustrating, humiliating, painful.

So once a guy starts with getting his sensation fixed, he realizes how numb things have gotten down there…and how much MORE he’s feeling now.

Then he begins to get rocky, and last a lot longer, with amazing pleasure.

The brain and the li’l man downstairs respond when sensation increases…and my simple solo activities make sensation skyrocket.

And here’s what happens:

  1. Libido comes on really strong.
  2. Your unit will be a LOT more sensitive.
  3. You’ll get semis all the time, and wake up with one most mornings.

Once you are cured, the lovemaking you experience is amazing.

Full Mast Once Again!

When try Matt’s simple solo activities you will also discover what “Big Pharma” doesn’t want you to know (Matt has a number of physicians who have done his solo activities because they KNOW that their chemicals don’t work.

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  1. I also have a problem after the first round, my penis struggle to regain its strength. But sometimes it just not responding.

  2. Its hard to know what’s up with some guys.
    I’m 63 and do pushups and crunches and a massive amount of arm curls in the morning. Just take normal vitamins.
    I date younger women from 27 to 45,but they are Latin women and they don’t have age hang ups like American women do. They just love to make love as much as you want it they will give it. I think the woman you are with makes a big difference in your performance. If you look on dating sights,most American women want someone that’s with in a couple years of their age. They don’t understand the experience level that an older man brings to the table and they have too many age hang ups. It helps to know how to make a woman have an orgasum and that only comes from experience. But really, just do a workout in the morning to keep the blood flowing good and the sexual things will get better.Strong body and mind makes for good sex.

    Regards Rex

  3. Help! Send info!

  4. Finish to soon can’t stay hard can’t get hard again after I cum

  5. Please give the method of getting and staying hard longer. In your blog you did not give he method. The header only says how stay hard longer

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