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Stimulating Touches That Will Take Her Climax Further

Enhance Intimacy: Guide to Get Her to Come Even Better

Here’s a letter from John whose sex life is heating up 43 years into his marriage.

(See, it CAN keep getting better even if you’re a coupla old farts!)

Anyway, he’s making some serious progress and needs to know what to do next to get her to come even better.


Here’s my advice.

Dear Susan,

My wife and I are in our 43rd year of marriage! We’re more in love now than ever.

We have never experienced any more than a clitoris induced orgasm which she can do every time.

When she feels herself start to go, she wants me to go with her and so I do.

Everything feels great but very short-lived; not at all what you all are describing in your audios and books.

My question is this. If I’m hearing you correctly, what she’s feeling as “about to go” may not be her climax, but just one orgasm, and as she continues to have her other parts aroused and activated, then she’ll have another and another, and she will begin to realize that it’s not just a one shot deal.

Am I hearing you correctly? So I can just reassure her that she’s not going to run out of ‘going’ although her clitoris may be too sensitive to keep stroking.

I could go to the g-spot next and see how that responds for her.

That is after getting her lips fully engorged perhaps even before doing too much with her clitoris.

The book on vaginal orgasms by Adam Armstrong. Is that something I need to start thinking about right now?

I don’t want to get so much information flooding me that I’m not able to process it.

I was kinda thinking to just stick with your Revive Her Drive program and get everything out of that first before spending more and more for this that and the other.

I’m afraid she might freak out if she thinks she has to become a nympho-whatever without having tasted to see how good something a little bit more (that I can sneak in under the radar) can really be.

She’s going to come home after being gone for 7 weeks and be absolutely ready to do the same old, same old.

What I’m thinking is to give her a little taste of something a bit more, and then ask her and see how she likes it.

What do you think? Am I making any sense?

She’ll be home in 23 days. I’d like to be oriented by then so that I can be relaxed and confident of a series of stimulating touches that will take her further without having to explain much if anything.

Her motive may be may be largely out of appreciation for my being so gracious as to have supported her trip to see our children and grandchildren and her family, while I stayed home to work.

Plus she’ll be really missing me too!!

Eventually I’d like to see that shift from feeling she wants to reward me to really wanting to experience more than ever together, but I’m not worried about that now. We’ll talk all the way home for an hour or so, so all the bases will be covered.

Maybe you don’t even see why I’m bothering to write, but I’d just like to hear what comes to your mind with this scenario.


Ultimate Orgasm Techniques by Adam Armstrong is a book about how to give a woman clitoral, vaginal, G-Spot and anal orgasms.

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Revive Her Drive is what John and thousands of other men have used to respark their sex lives with their wives.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight is my recommendation for John’s next moves. Here’s why…

Dear John,

Woo hoo, my man! I am SO proud of you for working the 4 Elements of Revival inside Revive Her Drive to get to the point where you are having great sex with your wife after 43 years.

Here’s what I’d recommend for you right now.

Get Expand Her Orgasm Tonight by Dr. Patti Taylor. That is the next logical step for where you two are.

First of all, you’re having clitoral orgasm success. So you want to BUILD on that before moving to vaginal, G-Spot, or anal orgasms. That would be too much for your wife at this time.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight shows you in step-by-step video exactly how to take a woman from one “climax” kind of orgasm to a whole series of orgasms that stack one on top of the other in escalating ecstasy.

Women (and men) can both have multiple orgasms.

Women can come again and again.

The strokes in Expand Her Orgasm Tonight let you stack her orgasms.

The stroking techniques avoid clitoral fatigue.

And the stroke pattern encourages you to get her outer and inner lips very engorged.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight is designed for couples to do together. There are 21 erotic “sandbox” play dates that teach you both all the skills required to come for a half hour or longer.

So what I recommend is that you get EHOT now.

Watch the videos.

Listen to Dr. Patti’s very detailed and fascinating audios.

Skim the ebooks.

And then look at the 21 date ideas and select one or two that you think would be approachable for your wife.

When she gets home, tell her you have a couple of ideas for ways to expand her orgasmic pleasure.

Then describe two of the dates and let her pick the one she likes best.

Since you will be learning together, it won’t put any pressure on her to perform.

It takes a few tries for you to both get the hang of the idea of coming over and over without clitoral fatigue.

At first it’s very subtle. But over time, she’s going to be moaning and coming over and over as you stroke her.

After you’ve given her a few orgasms with your EHOT strokes, she will invite you inside her.

Then you too can have another orgasm with her as the final climax.

EHOT will train her to be multi-orgasmic.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

And THANK YOU for being the kind of man who is willing to learn and take the lead at shepherding your wife to her sexual potential.

You get a giant gold star and a big sloppy kiss!


P.S. Here is where you can get Dr. Patti’s 3 Free Pleasure Guides which explain how the Extended Peaks of Intensifying Pleasure work.

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