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How To Increase T-levels And Make Your Manhood Hard

How To Increase T-levels And Make Your Manhood Hard

“I find it hard to accept this lack of wood at 68. My wife and I have a great sex life but I’m having trouble maintaining.” — John

Hey John, you don’t have to accept the limiting belief that old age means no wood. It’s utter nonsense.


Of course as we get older, hormone levels decline…

But T isn’t the key to good long lasting hard ones…guys with low T can perform great, and guys with high T can have a floppy noodle.

Scores of men have taken T supplements and gotten no real benefit out of it in terms of bringing back rockiness.

Higher T does increase their drive…but it doesn’t make your manhood hard.

However…if you have any of these issues, you can really get help and I’ll tell you how. The issues are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Taking any Big Pharma chemicals for prostate, heart, blood pressure, vascular issues, statins
  • Diabetes or blood sugar issues
  • Weigh more than 20 pounds above your ideal weight

These issues will hold you back from giving her all the penetration she wants. If you get this fixed, your wood will come back.

There are natural means to raise your T and the reason this works is that it also lowers blood pressure, fixes blood sugar problems, and reduces ab flab…with hardly any effort on your part.

In other words, when you watch this video you are on the path to fix the CAUSE of those problems…and raises your testosterone levels.

Because problems from the big four issues above all cause low T and dysfunction of your manhood.

So when you get the cause fixed, Matt’s “Cook Protocol” makes you healthier and your T levels rise.

One of Matt’s coaching students got off T supplements with the Cook Protocol and now he’s reporting that he’s gone from 44 waist to 36, and has NEVER been hungry…plus he is feeling his oats, feeling aggressive and masculine again.

Another follower said:

“Hello Matt, I have solved my problem. Last night, WOW, I got an instant erection. I thought this was silly, when I first heard of it, however, I will doing this every other day for at least the next year.

I have been taking all of your recommended supplements, as well as progestelle. I went to my Urologist last Tuesday, he said that my retained urine (after I empty my bladder) was the lowest, it had ever been.

The results of his blood test, where my Testosterone was increased from 300 to 900, and my PSA was .47. Matt you have saved me from getting the “tube in” operation. Thanks, is not enough.”

Earl; Houston, Texas

And this is ALL from the T Rewind system, part of the Cook Protocol, totally natural and what your doctor doesn’t know. Try this out now.

Your Doctor Isn’t Going To Help You.

You have to handle this yourself.

Healthcare systems don’t focus on the big picture of your health.

What do you want to do? Take pills for this and pills for that for the rest of your life?

Getting back to the roots of health…

Taking your happiness into your own hands…

It’s not your fault but it IS your responsibility to keep yourself healthy for your wife and family…

And especially for YOUR own satisfaction in life.

I think you’ll really love the benefits of high T and what it will do to your sex life.

Even better. Matt is giving me a special link so you can try the entire program for only one dollar.

Try it now for $1 ! Check Out Cook’s Protocol

It’s as easy as it gets to bring back your own natural testosterone again.

Go From 300 To 900.

I know Sloane has been telling you about Matt’s protocol. I wanted to take the time to day to send these testimonials to you.

I encourage you to take over ownership of your health and follow this plan.

You have to maintain your freedom from the idiot health care system and Big Pharma bureaucracy as much as you can.  This is one way.

It’s easy. Your wife will gladly help you get better. And she will love how responsive you are to her again.

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Remember, you can check the protocol out for a buck.


  1. I have subscribed to Revive her drive, but have not been able to digest all the information. My wife and I were married 24 years ago, at ages 37 and 41. two years later we had a very desired daughter. We would have liked anther child, but I am not sure my wife would have survived another pregnancy. Sex life was pretty good until menopause started giving trouble. Periods started getting longer and by her age 50, she was getting close to full time bleeding and very anemic. A full hysterectomy at age 50 left her very tender, and only able to orgasm about once a month. I think orgasms have been mostly clitoral, but she had a squirting one once. She thought she had wet the bed and was very embarrassed about it. I think she is afraid to go there again. We are now 61 and 65. She is still working too hard. She is still trim, tight and beautiful and looks better than most 40 year old women. Suggestions?

    • Dear Dick,
      Go back to Revive Her Drive and focus on romancing her again to get her in the mood for step #2 which is Awakening Her Body Sexually Again. Don’t start there, do the romancing first so she’s primed for the sexual awakening advice.
      There is no reason why a hysterectomy 10 years ago should prevent her from wanting sex now except that she’s “rusty” and out of practice. That means her vaginal tissue is dry and brittle. You must engorge her fully before she will want intercourse. You can’t go for sex until you romance her again and reawaken her body.
      The advice is in there.
      And it works.
      Keep trying but don’t skip ahead or you will just make her mad.

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