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Last Longer For Hot Sex Positions

Last Longer For Hot Sex Positions

Is there anything more satisfying to a man than to plunge his stiff unit into a luscious lovely lady and have her bucking under or on top of him?

Of course, this is the ultimate in being a man.

But, it seems that chemistry and hormones are often conspiring against guys.

Guys often have trouble bending their women over the furniture, just taking their women the way she WANTS you to.

The brain may want to, she may want you to, but the unit isn’t having any of it.

One guy I helped got a stiffie when he was on the dance floor with his gorgeous wife. Kind of embarrassing…they were doing salsa and he was tenting down there 🙂

But when they got back to their house, his unit refused to cooperate. Not only no tent, not even a semi.

The harder she tried to get him aroused, the more his unit seemed to shrink into his body.

What happened here?

Most men will say “anxiety.” And they are partially right.

But what happens FIRST is often performance problems. THEN the anxiety follows.

Once you get the performance.

So how do you get this fixed? You can try the medical route, but this doesn’t fix the underlying problem, which sex expert Matt Cook says we now know is desensitization.

Matt Cook drew this to show how this works:

Fix Desensitization

Fix the desensitization and everything comes back better than EVER. Better than you remember it.

Matt has put together this video that spells out how you can feel 3 times more and last 30 minutes or more.

Bend Her Over Now!

Women also like to get done at the kitchen sink, on the dining room table and in the back seat of your car if it’s big enough.

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