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Module 4: Sexual Confidence

Module 4

Having sexual confidence will improve your sex life in a ton of different ways. Your woman will be more attracted to you. You’ll feel more powerful and be able to use that sense of power to bring more raw “fuck energy” to your lovemaking. Your woman will feel safer in letting go and surrendering to you.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is sexual confidence? How is sexual confidence created? We’ll deconstruct sexual confidence, so you can create it deliberately, at will.
  • The difference between internal and external confidence.
  • How to feel more sexually confident by knowing how to powerfully ask for what you want in bed.
  • A 15 minute guided visualization that greatly increases your body’s orgasmic capacity.

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3 Responses

  1. I want to say how much I admire the grounded-ness of you both in this course. Being a dude in our culture can be a very confusing and lonely path with how we’re conditioned on what “power, integrity and confidence” is. This course feels a bit counter-intuitive because it challenges conventional definitions.

    As with Brene Brown in her research on shame, it takes massive courage to go near the 3rd rail of sexual shame. Yet, I believe, it is the antidote for not only better sexual competence for men (and women) but what it means to show up authentically in life. Thank you for your part in blazing a new trail for many of us looking to reclaim our ideal self.

  2. I am kinda having a tough time holding the PC pump when I rock back on the ME breath. Maybe I’m rocking back to far but to get to a normal rock back feeling, when I squeeze my PC and take the belly breath I feel like it really strains my lower back. Maybe I just need more practice or more mobility in my lower back, but I’m a pretty mobile person. Anyone else sharing my pain?

  3. How to practice the MeBreath? Maybe the instructions are in the audio, which I haven’t listened to yet. I’m inclined to try a series of reps, slowly, maybe a dozen in a set, to get the coordination down. When I do this, the feelings in my genitals increase pleasantly. Good things happen.

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