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Module 7: Your Wild Animal and The Upper Limit


Module 7

How expressive are you in bed? Do you fully let your pleasure out and share it with your partner? Or do you keep it to yourself? Are you self-expressed in bed, or are you holding back? Sound can be a powerful instrument for creating pleasure in bed. Sound can be a tool not just for expressing pleasure, but for actually increasing the strength of your orgasms. In fact, some men can have an orgasm just from using sound.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The Key Sound and Crazy Throat practices. These practices will help you become more expressive using sound, as well as help you feel more pleasure using sound, right away.
  • How to connect deeper with your wants, needs and desires. And how to express those to your partner!
  • The link between sound and letting out your wild side.
  • Round 2 of sexual shame: This time, we’ll explore shame in the context of helping you have full sexual expression and breaking through social stigmas.

Downloads for Module 7

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One Response

  1. As of right now in the program I haven’t experienced multi. orgasms yet. I think I may be feeling a little energy moving in my body but not quit sure if that’s it. At times towards the edge when getting close to the point of no return, I get these little body jerks which I think is from muscles spasming. It’s not a full blown orgasm but I wonder if that means I am getting there. I’m feeling like I should be having multi. orgasms now especially the one where the pc starts pulsing but I don’t think I experienced anything close to that so far. Any suggestions or feedback on this?

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