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Module 9: Exploring the Backyard


Module 9

The butt and the anus are very sensitive areas of both men and women’s bodies. They can add incredible sensations to your bedroom experience. They’re also highly emotionally charged areas. When playing with this area, feelings of taboo and shame often arise, leading to opportunities for surrender.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Prostate stimulation: How it works, what it feels like and how to use it to add a whole new dimension of pleasure to your lovemaking.
  • Many practical tips for exploring this region, even if you’re completely new to it.
  • How to ease into playing with the butt – Slowly, without physical or emotional injuries.
  • Exercises you can do alone that can help you explore new sensations.

Downloads for Module 9

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One Response

  1. Jim, am mostly new to this anal exploration and gave it a go yesterday with my finger and a prostate toy. I felt very little, and when I located the prostate it was actually a bit painful so I stopped. I have just been fully checked at the urologist and my PSA is normal as is my prostate. Am I suffering from “tight ass”(:…years of stress and holding in??? I went to a spiritual sexologist for an energy treatment and massage about a year and a half ago who hit my prostate somehow in the most delicious way and gave me a constant non-ejaculatory orgasm for more than a minute. Comments?

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