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3 Questions To Seduce Her Super Fast


Did you know the vibrators are a $15 BILLION dollar industry? 

It just proves women absolutely LOVE sex and erotic pleasure too… 

Probably just as much. 

And for some women? Maybe even more. 

Now, let’s say there is a hot neighbor, a cute co-worker, or a beautiful bartender who you have the hots for.

And you want a quick way to get inside her head and know what to say to her… 


Hey, it’s challenging to approach a woman, especially a girl you think is sexy.

We girls WANT you to approach us, but we don’t want to hear stupid pick up lines…

We want you to make us feel special, unique and appreciated.

And that’s what the videos here are going to explain to you. 

They help you zero in on different types of girls so you can get more women to say yes to going on a date or hooking up with you or having a hot make-out in the backseat of your car.

So, you can KNOW IN ADVANCE what kind of approach will work with any specific girl just by asking her three “qualifying” questions that give you an insight into how her personality style would respond.

Would you want to know these arousal secrets? 

I have two videos for you. One is very explicit and the other is more “PG-13.”

Doing these secrets as explained in this video will make it seem like you can read women’s minds.

If you were granted the power to read just ONE woman’s mind today… who would it be?

The girl who thinks of you as a “nice friend” when you secretly want to ravish her?

A hottie wandering around Home Depot or in the vegetable section of the grocery store?

Or a luscious vixen at a party who you think is out of your league. 

None of them are.

Regardless of who you’d pick… Don’t you think that reading her mind would make it ridiculously EASY to get her interested in having sex with you?

Of course, it would.

Because then you would know what makes her tick. And knowing that would go a long way in her wanting to dip your stick.

Well, I have good news. 

You CAN have that power to read women’s minds. 

Not just one either. 

But ANY woman you see.

And this video will show you how to do it.

I’ve personally reviewed this technique and I can tell you with confidence that this will help you understand women much faster.

It’s kind of an archetype system that gives you a thumbnail sense of a woman based on her answers. If you’re good with systems or models then you can easily know how to proceed once you do this technique. 

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⇐ The User Guide To The Female Sexual Mind (PG-13 Video) 

2 Responses

    1. Rich, there are three questions, not just three words. Furthermore, you have to know how to interpret the answers and then know how to proceed when you’ve figured out what “type” the woman fits into. To learn all of this, you need to buy the program after selecting whichever video that you want to watch. As for myself, I wonder if the technique would work on men.

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