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How To Lead Her Sexually

How To Lead Her Sexually

Submission: Women like to yield and receive sexually.

That’s why the #1 thing women ask me is, “How do I get him to LEAD in the bedroom.”


“American women are twice as likely as men to fantasize about passive sex — being “done to” as opposed to “doing.” They see themselves as the objects of a partner’s sexual desire, unlike men, who tend to see others as recipients of their sexual attentions. This gender difference also exists in Japan and the UK.” – Dr. Helen Fisher, “The First Sex.”

Feminine surrender is tied to our primitive, reptilian brain function and invites copulation.

Women secretly play out this primal fantasy to spark their lust.

If you are not dominating her in the bedroom, even if you are equals in the rest of your relationship, it’s time to hone those skills and give your lady what she really wants…

She wants you to sexually lead her, make her feel feminine, let her surrender to you “doing her.”

The best way for learning how to dominate her the way she wants you to is behind this very dirty video.

Please do NOT click this link if you will be offended by sexually explicit video.

This video is way dirtier than the actual program which I’m actually featured in as a bonus called:


This is the ultimate sexy way to give her what she primally, deeply desires.

Trust me. The advice behind this wall is going to take your game up ten notches. Women want you to have a plan and take control. The more dominant strategies you have, the less likely her arousal will plummet as you’re trying to figure out what to do, because you’ll KNOW WHAT TO DO to get her more turned on with this. Sorry it’s so dirty.

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  1. Hi Susan first we better know eachother, i want to learn from u at the other side may be u will learn from me.About SEX. thank u

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