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How To Have A Deep Connection With Your Wife

How To Have A Deep Connection With Your Wife

“I am tired of competing with the TV for my wife’s affection, time and most importantly sex.”

Reginald has a wife who would rather be on Facebook than on his face. Read my advice:

Susan, this is sort of my problem. Between whatsapp, Facebook, Internet, child I feel like I’m looking my wife. I want to feel deeply connected to her but she does a strategy where she stays up late with these things, then by the time she gets to bed “she’s tired.” What do I do? I feel like a desperate idiot. Angry for what is already “supposed to be” mine. Please help. — Reginald


Hi Reginald,

Thanks for asking. You can totally solve this issue. And here are the steps.

Yup. She’s using technology to avoid you. This means she has not been getting satisfied in bed or is bored in bed with you and she would rather connect with her friends in the ether than with you in the flesh.

Even though this is a bitter pill for you, at least you know there is something you CAN do to win back her affection and desire.  And that is to follow the four elements of revival outlined inside Revive Her Drive.

First let go of feeling like an idiot. This is what happens when the “love chemicals” of new relationships wear off. It’s what you DO ABOUT IT now that matters.

Secondly, you can have a temper tantrum with me, but don’t let that anger bleed through to your relationship because it will just make you seem more needy and not in control. And there’s no reason to be angry with your girlfriend because it’s happening to HER too. She’s not doing it. She’s just responding to what is going on for her.

It sucks for us women that we get bored with a guy’s sexual abilities and our bodies just stop “wanting.” We don’t want to hurt our husbands and boyfriends. We don’t want to deny our guy sex. But we just stop feeling turned on. Our hormones are capricious!

So here’s what you do. And by the way, this is actually FUN to do, not a chore.

Suck it up. Let go of anger. Be with what is. You need to learn how to turn your woman on, instead of relying on the new relationship to do it for you. This is a test of a man and you are going to PASS THIS TEST because you have Revive Her Drive. Her hormones are going to get all pumped up as you romance her again while reminding her body she likes to be touched and have orgasms.

She wants you to take her on an erotic adventure in bed. She doesn’t want you to use her as a masturbatory instrument. So let’s go through the steps.

1. Overcome her resistance issues.

Is there ANYTHING else she might be wanting from you that she’s not getting? How are you doing taking care of her womanly needs for security? I suggest you two do your Relationship Values exercise that came inside Revive Her Drive. Do it over dinner as a couple’s intimacy conversation. She will love it and you will find out if there’s something she hopes to get from her relationship with you that she is not. It will also give you the chance to include Passion as one of our top four values so you can explain that you need to figure out how to have her really enjoying intimacy steadily with you going forward.

This is magic. Do this exercise. It will make a lot of things clear for each other and get you two on a solid foundation. Then you can build a hot sex life on top of that foundation.

2. Reinstate your Masculine Feminine “Polarity”

85% of the thousands of guys who’ve been through this program (not all of them successful, but the large majority made a SIGNIFICANT positive impact in the quality and quantity of their sex lives) tell me that they were surprised that lack of Polarity was actually the biggest issue that when they addressed it, they started seeing very positive increases in her desire for them.

When you become “friends” instead of a man and a woman as lovers your sex life goes to hell in a hand basket. No woman wants to have sex with her “buddy.” She wants a man to lead her on an orgasmic, erotic adventure in the bedroom.

Inside Revive Her Drive are a lot of different men’s perspectives on how to be more of a sexual leader with your wife or girlfriend. John Alanis, David Shade, Christian Hudson, Sheri Winston, David Van Arrick, Adam Gilad… the interviews you listen to in the Seduction Summit, which is a core part of the learning you get inside Revive Her Drive all give you different ways to think about and take action amping up the polarity again in your relationship.
What’s great is that you choose which ideas feel like a fit for your temperament.

I often use this analogy. I built you the house frame, now you finish out the walls, floors and finishes. Revive Her Drive gives you the structure and you pick the finishes on it that match your personalities.

Increasing your masculine sexual leadership allows her to trust that she can surrender and you will give her great orgasms and she will have fun.

That’s why the program also includes a LOT of sexual technique ideas. Not the specific step by step details, but the big picture of how you handle a lovemaking session using the communication skills (like the four keys to seduction section by Dr. Patti inside the program) and advanced sexual techniques (Sheri Winston’s audio in RHD is excellent for this) that we explain in the program.

It’s not enough to be a sexual leader, you have to know what the heck you are doing, right?

So these things are a package. You get the polarity working because you’ve educated yourself about how to lead a woman to incredible pleasure.

So after you get on the same page with Overcoming Resistance, and you start taking some action with Polarity which are both stepping up and being a leader and leading your woman, you add in the next two. This presupposes that you have read the Start Here Guide and you have been doing the romance moves all along while you’ve been working out the issues as a man with her. Having the courage to get real about your needs and hers.

There are romance ideas all throughout the program and in the Stealth Seduction section.

So you are already putting your attention on her romantically, reminding her why she chose you in the first place. You are warming up her heart and now you start warming up her body with step #3.

3. Awaken her sensually and then seduce her sexually.

You are building a fire here. Starting from the outside and working your way in to the creamy center. (Listen again to the Sheri Winston section about Zone Theory here.)

One guy I talked to recently said his wife pushes his hands away when he touches her breasts or genitals. I immediately knew that he was grabbing her “Zone 1” lady bits before he ever tried to warm her up. YOU want us to touch your dicks right away. WE want you to sloooooowly warm us up. So get some tinder, light the match, fan the flames then add your wood. 😉

There are a TON of romantic and seductive ways to remind her body it loves to have touch, affection, orgasms… Again, you decided what fits and finishes you want in your sex house from the array of ideas that you hear.

A lot of men listen over and over to these instructional interviews because each time as they progress they get new, hotter, sexier ideas they can try that they weren’t ready for until she was warmed up. Revive Her Drive is a gift that keeps on giving.

Which leads down the slippery slope of sexy sex to #4. What you’ve been waiting for!

4. Use advanced lovemaking skills to keep her wanting more.

Hey, they don’t teach you how to be a hot lover in school. Your parents were likely not role models. And the media. Oh god, they are a bunch of screwed up weirdos looking to create sensational drama instead of deep, passionate connection.

So inside Revive Her Drive what you get is a wealth of instruction about ways to lead her in bed, how to get her to try new things, how to get her to relax and surrender to her body’s desire… And when you’re ready for more, we have more. Expand Her Orgasm Tonight is the way you two can get better in bed together with the 21 erotic “sandbox” dates that teach you new sexual skills as a couple. If you want more, there’s Female Liquid Orgasm which shows you two how she can have female ejaculatory orgasms. These are orgasms that feel so good — like a good cry was crossed with a fabulous series of orgasms. We women NEED this release.

This is the path so that you can get your hands on her and start coming her like the multiply orgasmic woman that she is!

Think of it as a journey, not a destination.

You are laying in the foundation for a lifetime of hot sex with her or anyone you’re with in the future.

This won’t happen to you again. Where you are in bed, horny and angry and she’s out in the living room avoiding you.


Take the first step. Work the four elements of revival and join the thousands of men who took their sex lives into their own hands and experienced a remarkable turn around.

And then email me your story to share with other guys so they know it’s possible to get their wife or girlfriend to want them with a hot, horny passion that only comes by seeking the information it takes to continually lead your woman toward more pleasure with your bodies.

Speaking of Sheri Winston… if you’d like one-on-one support of a sex, love and intimacy coach, Sheri Winston is on our team to help you through any rough spots or to encourage you to achieve your goal of having a hot, intimate sex life with your lady.

Here is a link to learn more about our sex coaching support.

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Here is a link to get the Stealth Turn-Around Seduction Techniques free from Revive Her Drive <== Click Here

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  1. Hi Susan
    Please read the article in the New York Times. It was featured on MSN. It details the plight of Henry Rayhons a former Iowa legislator and his wife Donna who was placed in a nursing home with severe dementia. Henry is now on trial for sexual abuse of her. Many believe the elderly have no business engaging in intimacy. I would like to here your comments concerning this.

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