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How To Make Her Feel Sexy And Confident In Bed

How To Make Her Feel Sexy And Confident In Bed

“I used to dislike my breasts until my man told me how much he loved them, how perfect they were and how turned on they made him.”

“I used to feel uncomfortable when my partner looked at my lady bits, but not anymore.”

“After several years of marriage, in the last 3 months I started talking to her about the things I saw happening as she got aroused, which aroused her even more.”

Every single woman on this planet can benefit from hearing about how beautiful our bodies are.

This engorgement activity will help you accomplish quite a few positive things in your lovemaking:


If you’re not giving your partner specific verbal feedback about the exact things that turn you on about her then you are not leading her as well as you could be, sexually.

Here’s an email from May who agrees that when her partner started verbalizing how May turned him on, it forever changed her relationship to her own body for the good:

“I really appreciate you encouraging men and teaching them how to talk to us women. I do feel uncomfortable and self conscious and not sexy when my man is looking at my lady bits and doesn’t say anything. I can tell he is turned on and isn’t grossed out but just knowing that isn’t enough to break through the self consciousness. I long for him to tell me what he is seeing, how hot it makes him, how sexy and delicious my lady bits are. If he said those things it would erase all my uneasiness and wipe away any self consciousness and bring out my inner frisky sex kitten. My point men, Susan is so right, hearing those words really do matter and make a difference!

A good illustration: i used to dislike my breasts until my man told me how much he loved them, how perfect they were and how turned on they made him. That was 15 years ago and ever since then nothing has robbed me of the confidence and love I have for my breasts, but it took him telling me the positive way in which my breasts affected him for me to own my beautiful breasts and be confident showing them off. Now, even if he doesn’t say anything and just looks at them eagerly I can hear his praising words, where as had he never said anything i would still be unsure. My point for use women hearing how hot are parts are is crucial to bringing out our sex kitten!” — May

So here’s the exercise you can do to kickstart your ability to verbalize what it is that turns you on about her.



Directions for the male partner: (women, teach your guys how to do this)

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  1. As you verbally describe how her genitals change as they become engorged, she will actually get more turned on.
  2. She will begin to understand how beautiful her vulva is to you as you describe what you see.
  3. She will open herself to you more and more as she feels your appreciation.
  4. The engorgement that happens as you stroke and touch her will make her feel more sensation.
  5. Feeling more sensation will help her have better orgasms.

The list of benefits of this couple’s exercise is endless.

You will get better and better at it as you practice.

We women need to hear how pretty we are “down there (and everywhere).” You simply can’t tell us enough.

Get a hand mirror and some lubricants.

Get comfortably arranged on pillows.

Make sure the temperature, light and sound are to your satisfaction.

And get pleasuring!

Hope you will take time to try this and post a comment on the article for others to read.

Let’s all support each other in growing our sensuality together.

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  2. Dr. Patti’s book “Expanded Orgasm” really took our sex life to a higher level. Thanks so much!

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