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Learn How To Activate Your Purpose

Learn How To Activate Your Purpose

Do you have a mission? A purpose in your life? Something that gets you out of bed everyday with zest and vitality?

I have a present for you, Cutie.


Women are drawn to men with ambition. And men who are “on purpose,” who have a mission and are achieving their goals are totally irresistible to us.

Here is a free eBook from my friend Christopher Kyle, creator of the Man on Purpose Summit.

For now, you can go get this free workbook and discover your mission. Hint: it’s at the intersection of your gifts and your essence.

Purpose Blueprint v2


Living your purpose brings you alive and gives you more confidence and clarity in every area of your life — in your work, creativity, relationships and even health.

And having a positive impact in the world with YOUR purpose opens you to authentic power and deep fulfillment.

If you are living someone else’s version of your life or you feel trapped or disempowered or STUCK…

Simply because you’re reading this email, I know you want to consider creating a more passionate and purposeful life for yourself.


My good friends Chris Kyle and Brandon Peele (from the ManKind Project™) have developed a 4-step blueprint, crafted especially for men, to help you build a life of passion, abundance and real impact.

It’s called the Purpose Activation Blueprint: 4 Steps to Build a Life of Passion, Abundance and Impact.

For a limited time, they’re giving this Blueprint PDF away at no charge, so claim your copy of the Purpose Activation Blueprint now by clicking here:

Instant Download of Purpose Activation eBook

Chris interviewed me about why a man’s purpose makes him sexy and it’s included as a bonus.

The Purpose Activation Blueprint will be available only for a short time, so make sure you grab it now before the offer period is gone. Download it below for free.

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  1. I want it now

  2. ? is there a book like this written for women and wanting to find our purpose or start a business?
    Is this book written from the perspective of the old beliefs.

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