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NEW! Thrusting Technique — Last 3X Longer

NEW! Thrusting Technique — Last 3X Longer

Look. I’m going to be straight up with you, because you know I have your best interests in mind.

Here goes…

The truth is that you can give a woman powerful ORGASMS by “eating her out” or stimulating her G-Spot with your middle finger.


No matter how good you are at licking her pussy or fingering her until her eyes roll back in her head…

Sometimes she just needs to get BANGED.


Yeah, she loves oral, fingering and all that other good “foreplay type stuff.”

Quite often though –she just wants you to POUND her… HARD and DEEP and give her those all-important vaginal orgasms during intercourse.

If you can’t give her that –she’ll always want more than you can offer.

And, ugly as it is –she might seek it out elsewhere.

She might CHEAT.

At the very least –her sex-drive will go down the toilet, leaving you with nothing more than your right hand and a bunch of Internet porn for company.


To be clear…

You don’t have to last 30 minutes or more every time.

Sometimes she wants a “quickie.” Other times she’s happy if you last 10 or 15 minutes.

But no woman wants a guy who always “blows his load’ in 5 minutes or less –and never gives her the HARD, DEEP pounding she secretly craves.

Important Question:

“How can you quickly and easily increase your staying power – and give her that 20 or 30 minute ‘banging’ she secretly wants, needs and craves?”

With this PROVEN Thrusting Technique Helps Countless Men to Overcome Premature Ejaculation and Last as Long as They Like During Sex…

This letter will be hands down the most important thing you’ll ever read for the quality of your sex-life if:

  • You’re unhappy with how long you can last during sex
  • You want to last a lot longer
  • You want to give your woman intercourse orgasms with ease

And the really great news is:

You won’t need any pills, drugs, devices or lame-ass “desensitizing creams”.

The THRUSTING technique is so simple you can do it tonight.

It’s tried-and-tested and PROVEN to work.

Wait until you see this super-simple thrusting technique guaranteed to help you last at least 3X as long in bed –and quite possibly 10X as long… it’s tried-and-tested, proven to work and THOUSANDS of men have used it to overcome premature ejaculation and last 20, 25, 30 minutes or more.

Try this thrust tonight.

This technique is from my dear friend, Adam Armstrong. He is one of my two go-to guys for how to give women incredible pleasure.

Trust the thrust.

Check It Out Now ===>

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I Lust For Thrust.

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