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How Do I Start A Conversation With A Woman?

How Do I Start A Conversation With A Woman?

Are you wondering how to use the one magic question to create instant chemistry?

The one simple question in the book is, “Would I be in a relationship if I couldn’t have this _______.”

Now, here’s how you use it.

You walk up to a girl and say, “Hi, my name is ______. What is yours?”

Tell her it’s nice to meet her and she looks like a really nice girl. Let her know you were reading about “perfect relationships.” And you wondered, does she believe in perfect relationships?  Tell her, “This is not a line. I am actually studying this.”

She will say yes or no.

Then tell her you read that you could create a perfect relationship if you followed, “The Platinum Rule.”

Ask, “Do you know the Platinum Rule?”

Explain that it’s better than the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”

That the Platinum Rule is, treat your partner the way THEY want to be treated. Not how YOU want to be treated.

Ask her what it was about her best relationships ever that she liked best.

Explain to her that these things that made that relationship great were her, “relationship values — what SHE values most in a relationship.”

Then you can tell her your top relationship values. Or just keep talking to her about hers.

She will do a lot of the talking and will truly enjoy this conversation.

Pat from Quebec wants to know:

“Susan, I am 25 and using online dating to meet a lot of girls.

I got the Relationship Magic book to create that intense chemistry and see which girls I want to ask out again.

How do I bring up relationship values on a date?


Pat from Quebec, Canada”


Hey Pat,

Ask her what her best relationships have been and why?

The more detail she can provide the more you will be clued into what her values are.

As she tells you, explain what relationship values are and then guess what her values might be.

Get Your Copy of Relationship Magic <=== What Are Relationship Values? What are yours?

Relationship Magic

Already have a copy? Great!

You can share your values with her and see how she responds.

She will love this conversation.

IF you like her and think you might want to ask her out again…

Mention that on another date in the future sometime it might be fun to do the exercise with her that’s in the workbook.

That will tease her and give her something to look forward to.

Let me know how it goes!

To Love,

P.S. Don’t try to figure out all her values on the first date. It’s too much personal information. Keep it light.


  1. Getting a woman has become one of the hardest things for me to do since 2010. I suffered a T. B. I. (Traumatic Brain Injury). According to what my family said I shouldn’t have survived but if I did I would be 25-30% of myFORMER SELF. I thank god because iris as though I only have a few of the symptoms that show I have this disability! My gf of 7yrs was present the entire time at the hospital which gave me confidence that SHE was the ONE! So I proposed to her 11/2011. I financed a car because she never had one & this was before my accident! Because I was helping her with raising her son so I git that for her! Anyways, long story, but after my accident we had to move into my mother’s basement because I lost my company, house and the car I git into the accident in. So she could work still so she was using it to work! This was my “neck of the woods” so we git into an argument because she was cheating so we were going to take a “BREAK” & SHE LEFT OON MY BIRTHDAY, 3/27, & ended up pregnant with the new guy the NEXT MONTH!!!! Now it has been 3yrs & I honestly have benefited over her for quite a while but I cannot work or drive & I’m 31 & live in my mother’s basement still! I have started speaking with a girl that I had a thing for before I met the last girl. She is single but it is as though she is NOT LOOKING for a relationship! She knows I’m sweet, I have given her compliments, but I text her & then she doesn’t reply for days! So I don’t know if I should KEEP trying to get her or JUST LEAVE HER BE!!!!!!! HELP! THANKS – Christopher

  2. I have been seeing this woman for a little over two years and we had sex and my tool wouldn’t always work all the time. And I told her that and she said that is fine but then she told me she just wants to be friends. Then she said that she would like to have sex with me once in awhile and that hasn’t happened yet. I have helped her do a lot of stuff for her and we would have great hugs when I was getting to go and I thought that I would get to kiss her and she said don’t so I didn’t did I really mess up because I fell in love with her. She always includes me in all of her family get to get to gathers and treats me well but no sex so am I a fool. But if you think that you can help me get her back the way that we both want she likes talking with me but I don’t know what a man is either I was raised by a single mother so I was never taut how to be a man. She lost her husband to cancer and she told me he was a great companion. So I would have to say that her got her in every way but we don’t talk about him. I would like to know if relationship magic question would be apropriate for her and me to talk about to kick things off. I hope to here from you with your advice thanks Mark

    • Mark
      Your issue is likely how you present yourself around her. If she feels you’re always a “nice” guy that will primarily appeal to her only in a friendship way. For more, a guy has to show his independence and self-autonomy. This is way of showing your “manhood”, stepping above “nice guy” role that often is seen as being more boyish, not being as mature which kills “sexual” attraction. It’s an attitude you have to develop within yourself that demonstrates you being assertive, going after what you want. If you’re in the role of always “helping out”, you can be quite stuck in the puppy dog role. What you’re after is creating attraction and taking charge in a relationship is what adds the necessary life blood to get things moving. It’s an issue of building confidence and self-esteem, and a man with confidence is always attractive to a woman…period.

  3. The main thing that I would do is tell her no pressure or expectations and when it comes to sex hears something you may not believe but always I mean always make her come first if you do that everything else usually will work itself out the lady who took my virginity taught me that

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