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5 Tempting Facts About Pheromones And Oxytocin

5 Tempting Facts About Pheromones And Oxytocin

Sexually enticing (under the radar) attraction.

Pat this on to attract new lovers or heat up existing passion.

He or she will be drawn to your smell without knowing why.

Mimics the irresistible scent of a man or woman.

Two years ago we started recommending Dr. Amends’ Pheromone Advantage.

Since then we have had positive reports come back regarding successes couples have had using these products to bring the passion and sex back into their marriage.

“A few years ago I bought a 1 oz bottle because of the intriguing claims I read. Remembering it was still among my supplements, got it out confirming it was one ounce.
Once when an attractive woman friend came to visit, I applied it as a.test, she gave me HUGS. It WORKS!”

We’ve had even more reports from single men especially who used it to bolster their confidence when out meeting women.

“I promised you a report on Dr. Amend’s magic potion when I tried it out last night with a woman I had not seen since 1987 took me to dinner. It was fun talking over the last 26 years. I guess the stuff works!!

She is very heavy to say the least and happy to report she did not throw me on the floor. I would have been crushed

When we parted and she came towards me, I put out my hand. Her lips headed for my cheek, but to my surprise they landed on my lips.

So the pheromones must work.”

However, I also often get questions about pheromones, how they work, and what the differences are between the various formulas.

I think it’s really important to take the time to explain the differences and how they work, because pheromones are indeed changing people’s love lives for the better, and it would be sad for anyone who to miss out on their many benefits simply because they didn’t understand them.

I’ve asked Drew Amend, one of the co-founders of Pheromone Advantage, to share his answers to some of the most common question I get regarding these remarkable formulas.

1.  Can you tell me how pheromones can improve my love life?

First pheromones are natural airborne chemical scents animals’ product to attract the opposite sex. They are use by nearly every species in the animal kingdom, and have been a tool of biology since practically the beginning of life itself.

They are very effective at stimulating sexual attraction and interest in the opposite sex.

Men and women who wear pheromone scents are able to elicit sexual interest in their life partners with renewed passion.

Pheromones can cure a sexless marriage and or make any sexual relationship even better.

Men have worn the formula attract women and to get their wives interested in sex again. And women have worn the formula to attract men to help them get the men rediscover their sexual passion.

2.  Pheromones are nearly odorless. But we don’t need to smell them for them to be effective.

The very mechanisms of the pheromone responses system starts with a pit of nerve cells just inside the nasal cavity called the VNO. A specialized nerve called “nerve O”, runs from the VNO to the limbic region of the brain. There signals from the VNO trigger a set of responses that result in the release of libido and other mood elevating hormones. These responses can occur in a matter of seconds. This is true for both men and women, and this leads us to the next most common question…

3. Are women and men attracted to the same kinds of pheromones?

No. Men and women respond to completely different types of pheromones.

Our formula for men to attract women contains three; Androstenone, androstadienone and androstenol.

Women exposed to these andro-hormone scents are shown to spike in both mood and sexual interest with seconds of exposure.

Also, our formula for women to attract men contains two pheromones called estratetraenol and copulins. These pheromones are naturally occurring and are found in the vaginal secretions of ovulating women.

It was discovered that men exposed to these compounds have shown in lab tests to spike in mood and libido elevating hormones such as testosterone within 20 seconds of exposure. The result is that men feel sexually aroused and awakened.

4. How is the formula “Love Factor” different from the regular pheromone formulas?

Love Factor works very similarly to our other pheromones scent, and yet some what differently. Let me explain… Love Factor is is heavily scented with a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that is found to elevate feelings of love, trust and commitment. There have been many studies of this hormone and it’s even used in the treatment of autism because of its ability to aide in the formation of emotional attachments, something that autistic children find challenging. In the case of autistic children it’s administered as a drug that enters the body. Our formula is a topical solution, same as our other pheromone products, and is not a drug. It works only by way of scent.

Love Factor is not a formula you would wear to be more sexually attractive. The other two formulas do an excellent job of that. Instead “Love Factor” promotes feelings of love, trust, and monogamy for both men and women. If a person was only interested in having sex, or meeting new people strictly for sexual purposes, they would not wear “Love Factor.”

Love Factor is for people who are in committed relationships or people who want to take their romantic connection to the next level.

Ideally individuals with romantic and loving intentions would use both. Couples often wear get a combination of all three formulas and both can wear the love factor.

5.  Am I wearing pheromone to affect me or the other person.

Both the formula to attract men, and the formula to attract woman are worn to have their affect on the other person. However, Love Factor works both ways. Ideally both man and woman would wear love factor, because it can have its affect on the person wearing it and their romantic partner. It does work differently than other pheromone formulas in that it is not gender specific. Love Factor is excellent at promoting feelings of love, trust, bonding and commitment.

I hope this explains the key differences. The three formulas really have entirely different compounds in each. They can be used separately, or together depending on your goals and agenda.

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