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How To Awaken Your Feminine Sexual Essence

How To Awaken Your Feminine Sexual Essence

“Is this your time to open fully to the juicy, ecstatic flow of your sexual essence?”

I’m excited to share with you that my friend Shakti Malan is offering a LIVE online course for women called Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence.

The group experiences starts again on October 22nd for seven weeks. You get 3 live coaching calls with Shakti herself.

So many women believe that there is something wrong with them sexually.

After working with thousands of women around the world for more than a decade, Shakti says that one of the core challenges for women around their sexuality is simply this:

“We have been raised inside an outdated model of masculine sexuality.”

Our world has very little understanding of what Feminine Sexual Essence really is. And yet, the answer to that question is so close at hand for women.

In this 7-module online course, Shakti will guide you through the 7 Gateways to open to your authentic nature as a Feminine sexual being. The gateways will take you through two essential energetic processes:

  1.  The clearing of the blocks that have kept you from opening fully to the juicy, ecstatic flow of your sexual essence, and
  2.  Breath, movement and subtle awareness practices to awaken your core sexual aliveness that will ripple through your body and your life.

Through this course, you’ll experience what it is like to live from inside an awakened heart, and a body open to full sexual flowering.

The profound Feminine in you will open to the deep Masculine, and learn to trust the transformation this attraction brings.

When women come together and collectively open to receive the transmission of the Feminine – SHE starts to live through each of us, as radiant blissful aliveness.

Shakti is fostering a global movement of women who are ready to wake up, each moment, as the Beautiful Body of radiance, deep feeling and love.

If you feel ready to take the next step on this journey of Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence, I invite you to register now at Shakti’s Course Information Page.

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