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How To Train Your Woman To Come

How To Train Your Woman To Come

My wife rolls over and sleeps after ONE orgasm.

“My dick gets so hard it HURTS.”

Here’s a letter from Daniel whose wife is in serious need of some orgasmic training.

Hi Susan,
As soon as my wife comes it’s over. I have to come right then and pull out.
She rolls over and goes to sleep.
The most I can get her to do is cum twice during a session and then she’s totally worn out.
She’s not fat or lazy — she’s totally beautiful. But since we had kids she won’t let me go down on her.
We only do missionary now.
I’m starting to think I suck as a lover now, even though my ex couldn’t get enough of me.
My erections are off the charts due to my healthy diet and fitness lifestyle that sometimes my dick gets so hard it HURTS.
I’m so pent up and frustrated it’s like I could handle three women at once.
What do you recommend?
Thanks for your great advice. The way you present yourself is so beautiful and sexy.

Hey, Daniel.

Thanks for sending in this excellent question because I get a LOT of guys asking me this very thing.

Their wives or girlfriends are “one and done” and which prevents them from enjoying lots of long, slow sex. And if you don’t do something NOW it’s going to get worse and worse until you have sex maybe once a year or less.

First thing I recommend is that you brush up on your skills by watching the new video from Alexa Aimes.

Your wife’s lack of interest in having more orgasms is just complete and total ignorance. That’s not her fault. Where the hell are women supposed to get decent information about sex? Most of the stuff for women is just total crap, not real sex education.

She literally has NO idea how much pleasure she could be having or she’d want to.

Once you know all seven techniques, use some cues your wife’s body has given you in the past to see which of the techniques she might let you try.

After the kids she’s likely feeling like her body isn’t as appealing as it used to be.

You are going to have to go very slowly here… Keep the lights down low. Give her a LOT of encouragement.

I can’t emphasize enough how slowly you’re going to have to go. But you will LEAD her toward her pleasure, one little technique at a time.

The biggest mistake guys make is pushing too hard too fast and shutting her down.

Remember, she has NO idea what her body is capable of, how her pussy works — she probably doesn’t even look at her own genitals if she’s not letting you get down in there.

Brush up on the 7 kinds of orgasms and get your plan of action going.

And let me know if you get stuck and especially email me when you have incredible breakthroughs that open her eyes to the vast world of pleasure you’re giving her.

Your wife is going to look at you with total awe and devotion – with lust, hunger and excitement in her eyes…

I know you want to please her in every way imaginable as her personal sex god.

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The guys who let their wives dictate how much sex and what kind of sex they get end up horny, bitter men. And they write to me that they KICK THEMSELVES for not doing something right after their kids were born. They wait until the kids go off to college hoping their wives will start having sex with them. And of course, their are too many cobwebs to contend with and it’s OVER. They wish they were castrated… which they basically are because they end up with ED from lack of use. Trust me. I’ve seen your story a thousand times over the last decade… Do not delay taking control back.

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  1. The fire has totally gone out of my sex life and my wife dictates when we have sex. For me it is once in a while and i am slowly dying please help me.

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