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Birthday Blow Job

Birthday Blow Job

This week, in honor of Mark and Maureen and all the unsucked penises dying to be licked and loved, I’m having a 90% OFF SALE on The Blow Job Secret.

Last night, I was sitting around the dinner table with my husband and a couple of friends of ours when the subject of blow jobs came up.

This couple – let’s call them Mark and Maureen – have been dating for 3 years. They live in the same town and we get along really well. They are a sweet, attractive, successful happy couple.

At the time, Mark reminded Maureen that she’d given him a birthday card with the promise of a blow job… but that was several months back.


That means Mark hasn’t enjoyed being orally pleasured for a long time.

She knows how important having his penis appreciated, licked, sucked and loved is to him.

So important that she made it one of his birthday gifts…

So important he brought it up in (safe) company…


Maureen was well intentioned; however, the months slipped by as Mark hoped and prayed her mouth would travel down his belly and lap his lingam*…

I can only make an educated guess based on the thousands of men and women I’ve talked to privately over the years as Personal Life Media’s Sensual Ambassador, but it’s likely one of two reasons:

1) She doesn’t have much skill so she feels lost and uncomfortable going down on him

2) She doesn’t derive much pleasure from giving him head so she just tries to DO him and get it over with as a chore

It’s less that Maureen has experienced cultural or religious repression about oral sex being dirty in some way or she wouldn’t have given him the BJ Birthday card in the first place.

But that is often the third of the four most common reason women shy away from giving and receiving oral sex.

The final reason is that Mark needs more manscaping… grooming… down below. Again, Mark is a fastidious man so this is also a less likely reason for Maureen than the first two.

In my instructional guide to getting regular oral sex from your partner, called, “The Blow Job Secret: How To Get Her To Love Going Down On You,” I walk guys through the most important pieces of knowledge about oral sex:

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  • WHY the women who love to give blow jobs do
  • HOW to build your partner’s confidence at oral sex
  • WHAT to say to your partner if you’re at an impasse and she never wants to pleasure your penis
  • Plus full details on sex positions that make her love to give head

If you’re a woman reading my email today and you’ve never learned how to give yourself orgasms giving your man a blow job, you may also really, really like this amazing little downloadable book.

This information will open you to a world of pleasure you don’t yet know how to access.

So even though the book is written for a man to lead his woman toward oral pleasure and confidence, you can read it, learn the techniques and become a oral aficionado!

Giving a man head is not only incredibly pleasurable for him, but it also removes the sexual shame that he has because of his desire. It feels so good for him to be in your mouth and be lovingly suckled and swirled. It is one of the best gifts you can give him.

And the best part is that it’s a gift you give yourself at the same time.

Listen, there is a lot you can learn, no matter whether you are the giver or receiver.

Get The Blow Job Secret Here ⇐ How To Get Her To Want To Give Head

I have not seen the information I share in this special report ANYWHERE else.

This is NOT a primer on blow jobs.

This is a deep exploration into the psychology required to make a woman feel sexually self-expressive and orally orgasmic.

The information I share is for those advanced sexual seekers who want intimately and passionately connect with the desire that springs from their true lust – not the porn star kind of pretend passion or copycat moves.

One of the three bonus books, “The 8 Steps to Irrumatio,” – which is a technique where in addition to her using his penis for her orgasmic pleasure, he actually strokes her mouth and throat with his penis while she receives his pleasure – explains some seriously advanced moves!

And where it gets really interesting is learning that the gag reflex is actually just the beginning of her orgasmic response. Once you know all about how your gag reflex works, you can USE IT for your intense pleasure!

This week, in honor of Mark and Maureen and all the unsucked penises dying to be licked and loved, I’m having a 90% OFF SALE on The Blow Job Secret.

Normally $108.00 for information you will not find anywhere else… you can instantly download:

  • The Blow Job Secret: How To Get Her To Blow You
  • Blow Job Sex Positions
  • Fellatio vs. Irrumatio
  • Deep-Throating

Enable images to get Special Report.


All for just $9.95 with my good wishes and love to you.

If you want to get better at giving blow jobs and actually LOVE doing it…

If you want to receive incredible and motivated blow jobs from any woman…

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If you’re a woman who has wondered why men want oral sex so much but you have not been enjoying it, get this information. You need it, girl!

If you are a guy who has a reluctant partner or one who just goes through the motions but isn’t truly getting off on you, get this information.

Hey, you joined our mailing list to up your sexual game. This is one of the things you have been missing. And if you are already a great cock-sucker or you get regular head from your lover, then GET THIS BOOK because you’re about to reach the next level of pleasure potential.

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*Lingam is a sacred Sanskrit word for phallus.


  1. sex makes me feel better.

  2. Please dont get me wrong I think there is alot of very good educated and useful items on this site, but I am 55 years old married 30 years to one women and never received a BJ> I tried all the things in this booklet to no availe. I am of the true belief the majority of women do not like the penis especially any form of oral. I have no idea why and would like to know, going down on her is one of the most wonderful things ever. It has been at least two years since i purchased the book and still nothing, and I don’t think I ever will unless I purchase it or become unfaithful which is not an option. I had so much hope but it certainly did not work for us perhaps for others it will be great. Truely wish it had worked and feel a strong desire to experience it which is much more and beyond “sex” which I can’t really explain but just know it is not purely a sex need, and don’t think many women think it is anything more than that.

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