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Watch 3 Hot Teachers Demonstrating Trigasm Positions

Watch 3 Hot Teachers Demonstrating Trigasm Positions

“I want to do these moves on you so that you are addicted to sex with me because I want to  play with and love your luscious juicy body for a long time.

Here’s a video presented by three adorable babes in bras, panties and heels explaining these newfangled “Trigasms.”

This sexy video may not be “safe for work,” but it’s safe to say. . .

It will tickle your fancy.

I invite you to watch this new video from bestselling sex advice expert Gabrielle Moore.

In this video, her “girls” teach you one incredibly powerful sex technique called the “Trigasm.”

Why is it so powerful?

According to this trio of brunettes, “the Trigasm will send shockwaves through the 3 key pleasure centers of any woman’s body.”

After you watch this video, tell me if you agree with Gabrielle.

She swears that the “Trigasm” can give your lady the most EXPLOSIVE orgasms of her life (even if she’s had multiple orgasms or squirting orgasms).

Personally, I agree. This triple play is my favorite when I’m REALLY turned on.


Caption: This trio demonstrates Trigasm POSITIONS while looking adorably sexy.

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<=== This is the new frontier of sexual technique. . . 

“The Trigasm is titillating, pretty slick, has specific techniques. Guys are going to want to see those three girls having sex on the video.” — Tony

I agree with Tony, it’s fun to learn a new technique in the most wholesome of ways by a titillating triad of brainy beauties.


  1. It’ s never río late to learn.

  2. Yes chi want to see this video please share with us

  3. Yes have experienced ‘Squirting’ by a nurse friend whom just loves sex and always squirts during having sex so now we prepare for this as it feels wonderful ….

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