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Hack Your Brain Into Enlightenment

Hack Your Brain Into Enlightenment

Peak experiences bring you happiness and success.

This is your brain on enlightenment…

Science Shows that the accumulation of peak experiences can form habits in our brains — habits that bring us happiness and success!

Discover what enlightenment does to the brain and what practices you can use —RIGHT NOW — to induce these “higher” states.

Brain scientists now knows what goes on inside your brain when you experience the state of enlightenment and other peak states.

Brain science also shows us exactly what kinds of practices actually STIMULATE those experiences.

In other words, they know how to get your brain into states of enlightenment, bliss, and other optimal states.

Imagine what this means…  Now you can train your brain to more easily and more deeply reach these peak states… so they become more than just fleeting moments. You can get in the flow state of happiness instead of staying stuck in worry, anxiety and stress.

Mark Waldman, one of the world’s leading experts on consciousness, communication, spirituality, and the brain, is offering a brand-new webinar to promote his new book.  I sent you a download earlier this week with an excerpt of his book. Now you can also sign up for his webinar.

In this webinar, Mark will reveal exactly what enlightenment does to the brain and what practices we can use — RIGHT NOW — to induce these “higher” states.  He promises to give actual exercises during the webinar, as well as explain what types of practices DO and DON’T produce these states.

enlightenment and the brain


Science shows that the accumulation of peak experiences can form habits in your brain — habits that bring you happiness and success!

Mark Waldman is a revered faculty member at Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business and the Holmes Institute. Mark has authored 14 books, including the national bestseller, How God Changes Your Brain, an Oprah pick for 2012.

enlightenment changes your brain

Don’t miss Mark’s mind-blowing webinar. I highly recommend it!

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