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Making 69 Position An Awesome Experience

“He’s collected sex techniques over the last decade that make my pussy MELT for him.”

When I’m giving my lover a “blow vacation*,” I often prefer the precision of his fingers to his tongue. And he can go on a lot longer by using his fingers instead of his tongue or neck getting tired.

Which means, he can make me come more and harder by expertly fingering me than by using his mouth.

I especially like a blended stroke on my clitoris and my G-Area simultaneously.

This always gives me orgasm after orgasm. And a lot of times I squirt!

I was inspired to do this after watching Gabrielle Moore’s fingering videos.

Our sexy, naughty clothes-hating girlfriend is revealing her most scandalous techniques, with the help of her sexy stripping teachers.

Watch her video tonight.


Personalize this 69 Sex Position to your liking depending on your size:

Here’s how we do it.

Hubby lies down on his back. I straddle him, 69 style, with my head at his penis; his face is near my Yoni. I’m on my knees and I can prop myself on my elbows and still use my hands and mouth on him. He’s looking at my Yoni and using both hands on me, stroking my G-Spot and lightly stroking my clitoris at the same time.

This position and stroke pattern gives me fantastic orgasms, in large part because I have him in my mouth while he’s stroking me.

It’s a huge turn on!

But here’s the thing… my hubby knows at least a 100 different ways to finger my Yoni.

He’s collected sex techniques over the last decade that make my pussy MELT for him.

He wasn’t born knowing them… he learned them.

That’s why I want you to go watch this Fingering Video from my friend, Gabrielle Moore.

She’s going to tell you a bunch of fingering possibilities you can learn too!

Try it and tell me what you think.

Oral sex + fingering is HOT! Get your skills polished now:

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*I call blow jobs, “blow vacations.” Because it’s not work! Blow jobs are pure pleasure. Especially when I’m getting well finger-fucked! I squirt and come like crazy!!!

5 Responses

  1. I have done this many times I actually prefer on your side in bed in this modified 69 so I don’t miss the action, what I do miss is seeing her eyes and watching her cheeks puff out on my member. Is there a way to do both or does it require the 70’s mirror trick?

  2. i read your blog about 69 position but want to know more about fingering yoni and get to g spot for giving most pleasure

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