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Tongue-Fu Ninja Oral Skills To Get Her Dripping Wet

She’s never had this done to her before.

Here’s another cunnilingus technique I’m sure she’ll LOVE!

I call this the “Eraser Nub” technique.

While eating her, gently collect the shaft of her clitoris between your thumb and pointer finger.

Gently pulse sexual energy between your fingers as you lightly roll and squeeze (gently!) her clitoral shaft.

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If you cannot find her clitoral shaft, it’s directly under the head of her clitoris.

The nub of her clit head is at the top of her clit shaft, just like the head of a man’s penis is on the top of his shaft.

Think of her clitoris as a mini-penis with little legs inside her.

If you cannot easily pulsate her clitoral shaft between your fingers, her clit is not yet engorged enough —it’s not filled with blood like an erect penis.

Spend more time bringing blood to the deep area underneath her clitoris by stroking and licking.

It takes up to 20 minutes to pop her clitoris out like an erect penis. The more genital massage you give her before you orally pleasure her, the easier it will be for her to feel incredible sensation, and the easier it will be on your neck and tongue.

Once you have her clitoral erection between your fingers, swipe your tongue back and forth across her clit with your tongue. Try a windshield wiper motion and alter the speed and pressure.

Do that for about 20 seconds, then move on to another move.

If you want to know more ways to please your woman orally, let me direct you to this explicit video from my dear friend Gabrielle Moore.

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Because every woman’s sensitivity down there is different — some enjoy slightly rough kissing, while others prefer to keep things light — you should know how to approach her from every possible angle.

And what I love about Gabrielle is that she takes an honest approach and gives straightforward instructions.

Remember, merely putting your mouth on her private parts and moving your face around isn’t good oral lovemaking.

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  1. these techniques are so effective, my wife begged me to stop so she could catch her breath.
    I am the master of her pussy. I could amaze any woman as the master of the female orgasm. Its a good thing Im no longer single.

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