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New! Clitoral Erection Video

4 free “blended” oral techniques for men and women

How To Orally Deliver A Clitoral Erection (Ladies, you need this!)

I just made a sexy new oral pleasuring video for you:

NEW! 10X Your Oral Sex Video ⇐ 4 Free Oral Techniques

fantasy-sex-techniques dvd cover10X YOUR ORAL SEX

In this 20 minute video I demonstrate (fully clothed) four oral sex techniques:


  • Lick & Roll Oral
  • The U-Spot Flick

FELLATIO (for him)

  • Lord of the Rings
  • Every Which Way But Loose

These four techniques will 10X your oral sex because they take into account the fact that pleasure is enhanced when you go well beyond just licking the tip…

In women, the clitoris is a structure that goes deep inside. It’s not just a tip… that’s the tip of the iceberg.

She also has sponges of erectile tissue inside her vulva —just like a guy has in his penile shaft —that can be stimulated to amplify her pleasure.

Even with the 8,000 nerve endings on her clitoris, just licking “the tip of the iceberg” makes only 1% of the pleasure potentially available to her.

Knowing your anatomy and how to engorge or make that tissue swollen and erect is KEY to great cunnilingus.

It’s the same with men. The shaft and head are just a small part of his erotic map. Stimulating his testes, perineum, anus and prostate create explosive pleasure for him.

Even better, regular suckling of his penis while palpating the root of his penis inside his body causes his penis to get longer, thicker and stronger, fights atrophy and prevents or reverses many kinds of erectile dysfunction.

Cunnilingus keeps her genital tissue in healthy condition, and increases her natural lubrication and if she can’t feel much sensation, blended mouth and finger techniques increase her orgasmic responsiveness.

The genitals are a SYSTEM of erectile tissue that can be stroked, licked, suckled, lapped, and touched.

The more you incorporate all the erogenous areas the more pleasure you have.

So go watch my demonstrate the four oral techniques.

Push-Button Easy Way To ’10X Your Oral Sex’ ⇐ 4 Free Oral Techniques

You will also receive a transcript of my video in a downloadable ebook format.

This way you can watch without taking notes and just take it all in… all the way in!


If you want to have ten times more pleasure, stimulate all the areas I talk about in the video.

Both men and women want more oral sex than they are receiving. If you want to give and receive more pleasure, go watch this awesome video.

10X Your Oral Sex ⇐ 4 Free Oral Techniques


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