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EXCLUSIVE: “Dress Rehearsal” Event for MOL Customers

EXCLUSIVE: “Dress Rehearsal” Event for MOL Customers

You are cordially invited to a private, behind-the-scenes “dress rehearsal.”

Jim Benson, creator of Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men and I are doing a Live Stream Online Event from 1-3 pm Pacific on Saturday, July 23rd called:

Come Together: “How To Have ENERGY ORGASMS That Give You Everlasting Stamina, Expanded Pleasure and Control Over When You Ejaculate.”

Two hours before the live event we will be doing a dress rehearsal that MOL customers are invited to attend.

Come Together Dress Rehearsal <== Private Dress Rehearsal Registration


With ALL NEW material, Jim and I will be showing you how you use the ME Breath to be present and embodied — the two things that make sex really great for her that any guy can do once he has the ME Breath.

Even if you haven’t yet started your ME Breath practice, this Come Together event will be another facet of mastery you will gain to pleasure your woman even more.

Come Together Dress Rehearsal <==Dress Rehearsal Registration

Please feel free to bring your wife or girlfriend to this Live Stream Online Event. It’s female friendly and super fun!
✅ You can live CHAT with the other attendees.

✅Take live POLLS and see what other people think.

✅And of course we have PRIZES! Even in the dress rehearsal we are giving away awesome prizes.

The Dress Rehearsal is for customers —so called, “friendlies” —like you.

Since you’ve already purchased the program, you are one in a million men.

Honestly, we could use your support and feedback during our dress rehearsal.

The dress rehearsal is a practice run that happens 2 hours before the final Come Together event. It’s the same material, but done for the men who have already made a commitment to stamina and becoming multi-orgasmic.

Come Together Dress Rehearsal <== Private Dress Rehearsal Registration

We’re revealing more “presence” and “embodiment” how-to ideas for you to really dial in your lovemaking mastery.

Ultimately, this event is focused on how to have orgasmic pleasure flow from you to her and back again in an infinite loop.

This is the kind of lovemaking that makes two feel like one.

Presence and embodiment may sound woo woo, but they are truly THE THING that takes intercourse to a soul-satisfying level.

And Jim and I have techniques you are going to LOVE.

So please, go register. There will NOT be a replay link of this event.

This is private, EXCLUSIVE, and for our closest customers who’ve made the commitment to sexual mastery.

I truly hope you can come!

Come Together Dress Rehearsal <== Private Dress Rehearsal Registration

If you cannot make the Dress Rehearsal but want to come to the Main Event, register here.

Come Together Live Event <== Public Event + Replay Link

You will get a replay link for the Come Together Live Stream Event when you register.

If you want to come to the Dress Rehearsal AND you want to also attend the Come Together Live Event or you want a replay link to watch that one later, register here.

Come Together Live Event <== Public Event + Replay Link

If anything in this email is unclear, just reply with your question.

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