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How To Find Easy Young Nymphs Wherever You Go

Ever heard of the Tao Of Badass?

It was dubbed as “the #1 pickup, dating and attraction program in the world.” There was nothing else out there that could beat it because it was just so good.

It went on to sell a ton of copies and changed the lives of countless men.

The author, Josh Pellicer, disappeared from the public eye since then. It was believed he just taught private coaching sessions to high-profile clients, or he went off to Peru for a spiritual journey.

But I’ve got news for you. He’s back!

And so is the Tao of Badass, and it’s bigger and badassier than ever.


You see, Josh never told the whole story as to where exactly he learned his pickup and dating wisdom… until now.

The truth is, he had a mentor. And this time around, he invited this “jedi master” of his to spill the beans on ALL his most powerful dating and attraction secrets.

Here’s a sneak peek of the NEW content inside:

➡  How to find “easy” sexy young nymphs wherever you go who are DTF and ready to get dirty…
➡  A single phrase to say to yourself that gives you unstoppable James Bond-like confidence…
➡  Different dating and attraction techniques that match your style and who you really are, so you won’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not… (Women can sense that a mile away!)
➡  How to easily CRUSH rejection forever…
➡  A powerful masseuse’s trick to make it so your touch feels safe, familiar and sexy… (So you don’t come off as creepy or pervy to any woman when you touch them)

There’s more but it would take me hours to include everything.

Think about it.

This was, and still could very well be the #1 pickup, dating and attraction program in the world that was ever released.

And now it just got a HUGE upgrade care of the “Badass behind the Badass.”

If you’re a guy who wants to build unstoppable confidence with women, have the skill set to approach, attract, date, and even bring home any woman you want…

This is a no brainer decision.

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