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Replay: Susan Unexpectedly Shares Her Darkest Sexual Secret

“I was NOT planning to tell this.”

Vulnerable Moment: Emotional and True…

Jim shared so deeply his personal story during the live Come Together Workshop Experience that it and caused me to unexpectedly share something I’ve never shared before.

And you can fast forward in the REPLAY LINK to all the juicy parts! (scroll down for the list)


So many people feel like they’ve been traumatized by lack of sex information, some sort of abuse, or feeling like sex just isn’t as good for them as it is for others.

Well, what I said is out there now.

Go check the replay video out.

My story starts at 1:39:34.  Tears fill my eyes at 1:50:28

Jim’s personal story, which you may find extremely cathartic begins at 1:34:28

Significant points too:

➤ The two types of sex 0:13:15
➤ The two types of lovers 0:16:54
➤ How to be Present (exercise) 0:23:51
➤ The Tuning Fork Technique 0:27:58
➤ How to get your partner to be Present 0:34:08
➤ How Tim got Susan to be Present after sexual abuse 1:45:16
➤ Suz’s Expanded Orgasm practice 1:47:54
➤ Executive Summary 0:00:58
➤ What the whole workshop teaches you 0:11:50
➤ The Roller Coaster Ride 0:43:08
➤ The ME Breath description 0:47:24
➤ How do I get my woman to be more present? 2:04:31

Fast forward in the REPLAY LINK to all the juicy parts! ==> Click Here

2 Responses

  1. Susan’s and Jim’s Darkest Sexual Video was their greatest presentation ever. The communication was completely natural and loaded with valuable necessary knowledge to achieve incredible relationships.

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