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Seeking Arrangement: Online Dating For Sugar Daddies

Seeking Arrangement: Online Dating For Sugar Daddies

If you can afford this dating option.

Not sure if you’ve heard about this new site called, Seeking Arrangement…

It’s a new twist on the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship.

SugarDaddy dot com is it’s competitor. It’s always smart to be on both if you’re committed to the concept.

Guys sign up and connect with women who want to date “men of means.”

Yes, about 80% of the women on the site will have sex with you for money.

And about 20% are women who just want the guy to pay their way and do fun things with them.

So many women these days earn good money that they just don’t want to date a broke guy they have to pay for.

It ruins the polarity if they have to pay for the guy.

Some women are on there because they want a small monthly stipend to help make ends meet.


Now you can be judgmental and turn your nose up at this… but it’s a classic construct.

Throughout history, men have been taking care of women financially because of the wage gap.

So this is nothing new… it’s simply a new and effective way of meeting women.

So if you’ve tried online dating without success and you can afford to pay for a woman’s dinner and maybe take her on some trips…

Seeking Arrangement and SugarDaddy might be a great way for you to find a really pretty girlfriend.

If you try it, just make sure when you fill out your profile that you include as many photos of yourself as possible.

And when you write your profile, be as specific about the arrangement that would work for you as you can.

The more specific you make your profile, the easier it will be to attract the 20% who are looking for a boyfriend.

Let me know how it goes if you do it.

Hope you meet some great girls!!!!!

Here are those links again to get started.

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