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FREE Gift: Life-Changing Audios That Work

FREE Gift: Life-Changing Audios That Work

Send thousands of positive affirmations straight to your subconscious mind… for free!

Become more seductive, be a confident lover, feel sexy and alluring, let go of the past, attract more money, release limiting beliefs, feel more confident… the options are all yours.

Select ANY TWO (The idea is that if you like the free albums, you’ll buy a couple more. But there’s ZERO obligation.)

You know something? You’re AWESOME.

You really are. I probably don’t remind you enough, but it’s about time I did. You’re just brilliant.

And today, I’d like to celebrate that fact with a very special gift that will help make your life even more wonderful.


You’ve heard of Subliminals, right?

Subliminals (in the world of self-help) are powerful little audio MP3s that can really help to CHANGE your life… all just by playing them in the background while you get on with your day!

Subliminals are a NEW technology to help you achieve peak performance in your life.

Release Your Inhibitions. Increase Your Sexual Libido. Weight loss. Abundance. Confidence. Positivity. Brain power. Releasing phobias. Health. Better Sleep. Creativity. Motivation.

Whatever you want, just play the MP3 album in the background while you are working, commuting, doing chores… and you’re done!

Subliminals work by sending thousands of positive little affirmations straight to your subconscious mind, helping to “reprogram” your mind at the deepest possible level.

Today, I’ve teamed up with my friends Karl and Andrew at Subliminal Guru to give you TWO FREE Subliminal MP3 albums from the selection – just to remind you how great you are 🙂

(The idea is that if you like the free albums, you’ll buy a couple more. But there’s ZERO obligation.)

You can even select ANY TWO albums from the list of best-sellers, including “Master the Law of Attraction”, “Think Yourself Rich”, “Lose Weight Fast”, “Rocket Your Self-Confidence” and “Get a Photographic Memory.”

Then click the button to download your albums INSTANTLY!

You’ll also receive a 10% discount voucher to use against any of over 350 subliminal MP3 albums at Subliminal Guru.

Oh, and if you decide to buy from the Subliminal Guru site, use this special code during checkout to claim a 10% discount: 7PRF9UQJ


Enhance your life. Claim your Subliminal MP3 gift.

And remember: You ROCK 🙂

You can use Subliminals to:

(1) Attract an abundant lifestyle & think yourself rich
(2) Lose weight fast and stop yourself overeating
(3) Master the Law of Attraction & be more grateful
(4) Rocket your confidence levels and be more positive
(5) Boost your IQ, brain power and studying skills
(6) Find more pleasure in your sexual life
(7) Be more at ease with the opposite sex

And so much more!

Whatever you want, just listen to the MP3 and you’re done.

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  Select ANY TWO Free Subliminals As Your Gift


  1. Sloan , if you really care about you subscribers and want to hear from them please show me your not just a guru that just says you care and send me a real email cause I have some things that you might be interested in that can help other of your subscribers . So if you really do read your e-mails or at least some of them then show me you read this one and contact me at my email (removed by editorial) or give me a call at (removed by editorial) I promise what I have to tell you is very important and can help your other men subscribers . I’ll be waiting , Sincerely Anthony D.

    • Hi Anthony,
      I let Sloane know you wanted her to reach out. She will be in touch. I am deleting your email and phone number as this is public and I don’t want your personally identifiable information to become corrupted. You can always email us at [email protected]. Or you can reply to any of Sloane’s emails and she will reply.

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