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Sex Positions For Staying Harder And Lasting Longer

Sex Positions For Staying Harder And Lasting Longer

Do you want to be hard, unstoppable, and unbreakable for her during sex?

I’ve worked with loads of men on their sexuality and relationships, and one of the things a lot of men desire is the ability to get hard and stay hard all the way through lovemaking.

They want their partners to focus on the pleasure while she’s riding his invincible man-pole..

If that’s something you can relate to, I’ve got just the thing.


My good friend Lloyd Lester has a book on sex positions which let men stay hard and unbreakable all night long.

That’s because these sex positions promote lots of blood flow to the penis. This allows a man to be incredibly hard for their lover, just the way she wants him to be.

Knowing just one of these penis-power positions could change the way you make love to your woman forever.

In the book, he also teaches you how to transition from one “Hard-On-Friendly” sex position to the next while staying rock hard.

I’ve read the book myself, and the transitions are effortless.

And not only that, they’re all pretty hot and erotic. It actually turned me on just reading about the “hard-on friendly” sex positions.

There are certain sex positions that let men stay harder for extended periods of time. And there’s a certain way to transition from one of these positions to the next without losing hardness.

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  1. Hi Sloane Fox
    The hard erection all night is the dream of all the women. If the partner not provide this then you can’t glad your girl friends. You have to adopt a sex position in which blood flow fastly in the penis due to which erection will long time.

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