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How To Get A Hard On Instantly (Even If You Are 70 Years Old)

How To Get A Hard On Instantly (Even If You Are 70 Years Old)

Find it hard getting HARD?

Check out this video of a 70-year-old adult film star and his mega hard-on secret. He’s still screwing smoking hot ladies and doing porn at his age, and he has the clips to prove it.

His name is Colonel Dave Connors AKA “Dave Cummings.”

Dave’s a Vietnam War veteran, and during his time there he helped discover the “5 superfoods” that can give you mega hard-ons.

He reveals his secret in the video, so if you want erections so hard and powerful it will surely blow any woman away the second she sees it, go watch his video.

Now, there are two versions of this video. One is totally NSFW, where he shows you clips and proof of him and his “film career.” The second video is the tamer one.

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